Drawing Down The Flame

Burning through the hearts and minds of Man retribution1 leaves little to be desired. In playing we pay and yet the evil of contrary motions provides little in the way of recompense. Actions speak louder than words and yet the winds do hear the slight whisper upon our lips providing an avenue of escape which, of course, we never fathom. The Turning of the Tides means little to those of shallow depth and the shoals of our ancestry can certainly attest to that! Swimming with sharks is hardly considered a worthwhile endeavor because sooner or later, especially when food becomes scarce, the feeding frenzy endures. Devouring lost souls to no end the depths of Hell comes ablaze with a new-found exuberance which can only be matched by the simple stupidity of Mankind.

In lighting the Great Torch of Vision who is it that sees, as the blind do not merely walk the Earth but ingest it's every offering - swallowing all into the black hole of despair. In lighting the Beacon who is it that awakes just enough to gaze upon the depths of meaning in order to arrive at this moment. In standing firm few remain and yet the cattle continue to run in rampage upon sacred soil scouring it's way to nowhere in frenzied fright. The choice is never about freedom or slavery but about one's own designs upon the future. Casting one's lot with cattle can only lead to the slaughterhouse. Welcome to the land of self-reflection.

  1. Retribution: punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved. The retribution referred to here is not of Man's retribution towards another but of the retribution which Man calls upon by performing evil deeds. 

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