Defining The Definition

Upon taking up the mantle of being with all of it's traits and characteristics the newborn breathes in the air of awareness and breathes out the darkness of ignorance. In so breaking free creation finds a home in which to take up residence. From the turmoil of happiness to the great heights of despair the travellor does indeed travel the road of life and living, hanging in the balance. Teetering on the perpetual edge, is the Great Fall inevitable? Can we save ourselves from our selves? It is indeed a match made in heaven.

As we create our future and futures time reveals it's own plans and in those surprising moments do we come to realize just who is pulling the strings or do we laboriously just carry on ignoring the pain and suffering while hanging onto the hopes and dreams? Are we really the dream that we are having or are we just peeking in the mirror from moment to moment only so as to check our progress along the way? Coming to terms with our own sense of self, do we find what we are looking for or are the shadows upon the wall merely dancing to our own finger puppeting? Where does the imaginary begin asks the dreamer in cacophonic harmony to the machinations of the mental construct we can reality. Home is supposed to be where the heart is but where exactly is that? How can we see when our being is justifiably grateful to be alive? Cloaking ourselves in secrecy can we ever remain vigilant long enough to observe what lies beyond the reality of our convictions? In Creation we find motion - so what is the problem then?

Since lifeforms are but forms for life it becomes obvious to say that the body is not us but who would actually believe such non-sense? Partaking of the Tree of Life separates the wheat from the chaff and guess who the 'chaff' is? Upon defining the definition we create the substance of life and living and in between the two lies the urge of survival. Biological forms perform from inception to death and when the life of being becomes intertwined with it just who is it that will straighten that mess out? Can one survive the other or is it just an unwillingness to 'let go'. Energy demands potential and from the unlimited depths of Creation there is an undeniable bounty. It never ends because there is no end in the same way that the beginning has no beginning but in the between, well then that is a whole 'nother story!

In waking from the sleep of being it all becomes left behind. Isn't it a strange thought that in so thinking one defines one's self but which in reality there is nothing there to exist in the first place? Yes, we can focus attention upon our being and become anything one so wishes but in assuming multiple personalities which one is the defining moment whereby we can take inventory and declare that the war is over? Must we resolve our differences in order to be that which we already are? Logic dictates actions and upon running the Wheel of Life and Living we become hesitant to step off, fearful that the wheel will spin down to a standstill. The urge of perpetuity keeps it afloat and so we harbor the selfish urge of being in order to remain alive - to remain full of vim and vigor.

But what if our bestiality had bounds and limitation? What if we, through no action of our own, become subject to the very foundation upon which Creation is bound? While the intellect requires a beginning to every beginning and an unlimited end to every end reality paints a much different picture where there is no such reliance upon the intellectual machinery along with it's voodoo magic of sleight of hand. It's not a matter of thinking differently at all because there is no logical conclusion to program after program running on a computer, after all is said and done it becomes but a matter of pulling the plug. Potentialities becomes shifted and that which existed ceases. Perhaps it could be considered as more of an uncreation than a disturbance in the force and yet even this egotistical approach fails miserably in it's role of trying to make sense of something well beyond even the idea of 'sense'.

Perhaps all of this is making the intellect spin round and round in it's effort of captivating attention and assimilating data but in fact the intellect is a long, slow and laborious process of dealing with 'the outside world'. In the breath of space between thought eternity finds a home. Perhaps you have caught but a glimpse of it through this definition.

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