The Bear

A Bear came into the woods one day. It scared the other animals of the forest quite badly. They ran and hid and shivered, hoping that the Bear would not notice them.

But what the other animals of the forest were really hiding from were their own memories of when last the Bear came to forage. It was a very unpleasant experience and some of the animals had even died. But that was then and this is now.

And even though the animals were so very afraid of their own past, it had no effect whatsoever on the Bear as he came and went, with nothing happening to the other animals at all.

After a time, the other animals of the forest left behind their hiding places and gathered together once again to enjoy each other and the forest. Speaking among themselves, their fearful thoughts slowly began to fade once more.

Silly animals. Didn't they realize that the Bear that came this time was a different Bear. Didn't they realize that this Bear was merely out looking for food and friends.

After a time, the Bear moved along realizing that this part of the forest was far, far less richer in honey and friendly faces. As it returned to it's own home it got the strangest thought. Maybe he should pay that unhappy part of the forest a visit once more, he thought to himself. Maybe, just maybe, he had overlooked something or someone. He knew that he just wouldn't feel right until he had satisfied himself that he had done all he could to find the honey that he was looking for and more importantly, new friends which he could cherish.

The Bear, in his friendly nature, once again set off, smiling as he went. What a great day to be in the Forest, he said to himself.

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