The Sea Org: Points of Declaration

  1. The Sea Organization, because of it's inability to prove it's effectiveness, based purely upon the ulterior motives in full demonstration, is hereby declared TREASONOUS.

  2. This organization, of now ill-repute, is hereby DISBANDED.

  3. All contractual obligations are CANCELED.

  4. All the rights and privileges of being a Sea Member are REVOKED.

  5. All uniforms, regalia, distinguishing marks, awards and honors, past and present are now deemed WORTHLESS.

This Sea Organization, which has been infiltrated, subdued and PERVERTED by outside felonious intention, is hereby acknowledge as to it's true form.

This is NOT the Sea Organization but merely Black Agents hiding behind White uniforms and using a good name to do dark deeds. I am neither fooled, nor pleased.

These Points of Declaration do NOT apply to those few Sea Org Members, acknowledged or not, who have CONTINUED to HONOR and RESPECT this organization's worthy beginnings. A Seq Org Member does not need to be told who they are one. They will KNOW, within themselves, EXACTLY who they are. To these very few, I say CARRY ON.

The Sea Organization is not being reborn and it is not being remade. It is as it has always been, and it shall continue to be so. For those whom this distinction remains unclear, you can be assured that this will not always be so.

Many make the claim that the Sea Organization is a military organization, implying it's goal is world domination. Let me be clear. It IS a militaristic band of warriors and are as mercenaries - completely in the pay of theta. Theta is what drives the Sea Org's purposes, intents, actions and deeds. The spiritual realm is our battle ground and we take no prisoners. This is NOT to be confused with the physical universe as THAT is an area which the Sea Org will NEVER dominate and will NEVER strive to control.

This is why we call Scientology a religious philosophy. It frees Man from Man.

To those Sea Org Members whose purpose has been deemed a failure due to the purposeful intention of Black Agents, there is but ONE way to regain your way.

"To honor one's own integrity, above all else."

It is a distinction many share, and yet few dare to tread. THAT is the reason for the Sea Organization in the first place. THAT is the reason for your willingness to SEE IT THROUGH. THAT is the reason that you have found yourself right where you are, in the condition to which you have placed yourself.

There is not a 'Sea Organization' and a 'real' Sea Organization. There is only ONE Sea Organization and if you can't tell the difference between DECEPTION and TRUTH, then this Declaration's purpose ends with the physical words you see before your eyes.

Yes, the Sea Organization is at an end. Yes, the Sea Organization remains true to it's purpose AND to it's Members. Yes, there are Agents of Destruction among us - and it is to these Agents of Destruction that I have but one thing to say:

We come for you.

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