Training Wheels

Training can be an on-going, slow-but-steady, l-o-n-g process of initiation. From our own point of fixation, we tend to seek an exterior reflection so as to feel "at home", something quite similiar to ourselves with which we can be 'in sync'. This is all pure fabrication, of course, because who would ever do such a ridiculous thing as this?

Who would be insane enough to actively seek out an exterior acknowledgement of one's self? That would be like asking another for permission to survive. From a spiritual stand-point, there is such a thing as 'surviving', but one would have to be quite physical in both body and mind. Who would be insane enough to do that?

Getting an idea in one's head is like riding a bucking Bronco. It will surely be one hell of a ride, but at the end of it all what will be left? All that will be left, is the so-called 'joy' of experience. What pleasure there is in memories! So much for being "in sync". Dropping the present like a hot potato, we relish the sensuousness of re-playing the past, over and over again. Finding amusement is no easy task!

Who would be insane enough to purposefully leave the present, completely missing the moment of now, and relish the idea of trying to relive the past. Over and over again, we tend to become immersed in our own personal surround sound theatre. From the sights and smells of what once was, to the glorious ideas and mental meanderings we once had. Is that living Life? Dying would be no worse.

And that is exactly what we must do. Die unto ourselves.

All it takes to kill the Beast within is to but come to know of it, to watch it, to catch each and every movement, every breath, every slight idea or concept that floats across the eye of awareness. That is all it takes and nothing more. With knowledge, not with an idea of knowledge, but with knowledge itself, nothing stands in it's way and nothing need be done about that which knowledge has brought. It actually takes care of everything, all by itself. If one has to try to do something, it merely means that nothing will be done. There is no "later", there is only the now.

In this very moment, there is no Beast to sway us, no wicked desire to entice us and no blame to embrace another with. There is only Reality, which is nothing but another name for now.

For everything else, there is insanity.

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