In Matters Of Heart, All Are Fair Game

Weeping, we find solace in those around us hoping upon hope that our pain and suffering will in some way diminish, if not become banished altogether. No Man is an Island when there is suffering to be had. Partaking of our own just rewards, we seek rightness of our actions through another, and sometimes, through any other. In matters of the Heart, all are fair game.

But to think only in terms of negativity shuns the world and denies our very existence. We are who and what we are. No more and no less. To seek of agreement is like asking oneself an unanswerable question. Pondering, our minds take flight perhaps never to return. It's not about control or conquest, but in the matters of Heart, all are fair game.

Pursuing oneself through time and space, sooner or later we tend to catch up with ourselves. As we come face to face with ourselves after coming out of hiding, the shock can indeed be more than can be bared. But bare it we will else our Fall from Grace endlessly lives on. Who could possibly want, much less desire, that?

As we see ourselves in the make-up of others, we embolden ourselves to either shun or accept. Tasting one's fruits is not always a pleasant affair.

As we come full circle, the Peace of Eternity makes itself known, deeply known. And in that center of never ending fullfillment lies the Heart.

In matters of Heart, all are fair game.

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