Become The Hunter

Watchfully, we gaze in wonderment at the natural order of things within which we have bound ourselves and our possessions. Exploring the recesses of our endeavors, we seek to no end and thereby liberate ourselves from ourselves. In all the by-ways and meandering avenues of experience, we lose ourselves over and over again until the action becomes the word.

Words create the symphony in which we enliven our short time in eternity. Ever fearful, we tread lightly hoping that the reaper of Death loses it's way along our torturous path of so-called living. Gratefully, we realize that we are not ourselves but merely an image passing before the mind's eye. Watching the dance, we are not alone and so we feel quite content in losing ourselves in the so-called 'me'. After all, what ever could possibly exist other than the center of the universe called 'I'.

I alone am alone and exist alone in thought, word and deed. Delusion takes us for a wild ride but in reality our imagination makes slaves of us all. Captured and held fast, we become the immoveable object of desire. Always just out of reach and ever denied the fruits of our dreams, we lay down among the lions and are prompted feasted upon. Is this really the way out? Surely our hopes and dreams must come to fruition for without them what shall become of us?

In the circle of reasoning, we find our way home only to realize that nothing has changed. Sooner or later, through all the trials and tribulations of living and life, we must find. Ever eager for more, our intention continues to fail us again and again. Where, exactly, is it that we are going? Where, exactly, is mankind going in such a hell-bent manner?

Sooner or later we must pause along the way and actually look at what we are doing. To observes one's movements redefines who and what we are and in that redefinition Reality comes to call.

Sometimes, it is best to become the Hunter. Of keen perception and endless patience there is nothing which escapes it's enfolding net of awareness. Captured, the Hunter revels in victory.

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