Through Our Own Eyes

In this day and age of insecurity and fear is it any wonder that what is reflected in our environment merely demonstrates our own failings? This is true especially in the so-called Scientology world. Small though it be, the maxim still holds true for it: the further one is away from Truth the more effort is required to reach it. Marketing, or more appropriately, propaganda, is looked upon by corporate America not only as needed but something that is quite necessary for it's survival. Is it any wonder that religion follows suit when it is obvious that both are lost and wondering aimlessly in the jungle of life.

These are but reflections of ourselves. We are not only lost and far, far from the Truth, but we also are seemingly quite content to live with ourselves just the way we are. Who is fooling who here?

As a religion Scientology, despite all the rhetoric, propaganda and lies so freely thrown about by it's systemic enslaved, it still remains in it's idealized state and continues to evolve. It evolves because Truth does not.

The funny thing about Truth is that it never changes while ever in constant flux. Truth is Life and any system of effort to arrive there only takes one further away. Robotic instruction no matter the flattery used in it's description remains dead-ended. There is no where to go.

You don't get there from here since 'there' is already 'here'. Playing tricks with ourselves provides endless hours of entertainment and this is the current state of all religion. We effort to live so that we may not die in vain, but it happens anyway. And so we come back again and again attempting to fulfill the exact same methodology of 'getting there'. What audacity! What stupidity.

When we rely on others to ensure our spiritual conquest, all that we will achieve is their idea of spiritual enlightenment, which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with Reality.

The bottom line here is that in order achieve one's own observational position of awareness, completely and wholly separate from what 'should be', one must understand what it all means personally. Very personally. Not of another's person or personality but of one's own. Wholly and completely.

It can be extremely difficult to bring to an end one's own tricks and traps in order to get anywhere, but in the effort definition occurs of exactly what is one's intention in the first place. Entertainment can be like that, a never ending bad joke and for some reason, we find ourselves taking nothing seriously but our own wants and desires. Full-filling mental desires is a ceaseless activity for the mind is forever empty when it comes to that sort of thing.

Perhaps a different approach is in order. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time to put away all our toys and begin to see through our own eyes.

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