Living On The Plantation With The Man

A license is the allowance of an activity which would otherwise be illegal and is granted by those in authority. Of course that very same 'authority' defines what is and is not illegal. Just like the plantation owner.

Being born on a plantation comes with full expectations and responsibilities. The parents are encouraged to birth their child in an approved environment with approved methods, drugs and surcharges. The plantation owner would like to know about his new slave so proper record keeping is to be strictly adhered to. The master desires only the best care for his new property and the parents are not to be convinced otherwise. The mother will even be given a short time at home to care for her new child before returning back to work but lest she become lazy regular visits to an approved medical facility is required. The mother is to be educated in proper subservience to the plantation doctors and all other methods of health are to be denied, ridiculed and destroyed.

Once the child has passed the time of annoyance they are then to be placed in child care services whether through outright abduction or through the conviction that day care is the right and proper method of upbringing for the children of this plantation. Public schools are to be viewed as the generosity of the plantation owner and are strictly controlled in every aspect - just as the child is. In molding the child for the future the plantation owner can feel secure in the knowledge of a continued happy and healthy work-force. There are many, many jobs on the planation and luckily the 'work-force' has the owner on their side.

Once training is complete the child enters the work-force and becomes looked upon as performing a necessary function for 'society'. Lest the 'employee' forget his place he must apply for and receive approval from the plantation owner to travel, to hunt or fish for food, to marry and to form together sub-groups of 'employees'. Of course these are all proposed as being to the benefit of the plantation citizen. All citizens are required to acknowledge and submit to the plantation owner as being the one who is responsible for and takes care of, all plantation inhabitants.

Going out into the work-place citizens are encouraged to give to corporate charities - all in the name of compassion of course. The 'employee' is also not only encouraged but required, with 'due process', to slice off the top from his wages a percentage and ensure that the plantation owner receives this regularly and efficiently. All citizens are also required to pay the owner a percentage from all business undertaken. From buying 'necessities' to 'luxury' locomotion vehicles the plantation owners requires due payment for the privilege of conduct business. you see, only the plantation owner can freely conduct business, all others must pay for the 'right' to do so.

Can property own property and if so whose is it? A slave can plead for a loan at the banking facility in order to purchase a house in which to live. Does the slave really own the house? In order to enjoy the 'privilege' of having a home in which to go to after a full day's work on the plantation the slave is required to pay to the owner a certain amount each year called 'property taxes' which allows the slave the 'right' of being unmolested upon the land he so-called owns. Of course, for the slave's own safety, he is restricted through 'uniform' codes and regulations on what he can and cannot do upon that parcel of land. Meanwhile the bank, in order to protect it's assets, requires the slave to pay for insurance in case of fire or flood so that the bank can reap the rewards and for the right of dispensing a few Federal Reserve Notes upon his person the slave is required to be charitable to the bank in the form of paying huge amounts of 'interest' in return. The owner likes to increase his cut through every possible means. How else can one keep a slave if they are not kept in their place?

Lest it be said that the plantation owner cares not about his property, he provides ample opportunity to entertain the beehive of bees through any device 'science' can come up with. Through the slaves transformation from spirit to substance in the public education arena are not sports a fitting means? Who has the disability among the flock when all share the same fate of having the coat of wool indifferently shaved off the back? Perhaps the lust of advertising will hit it's mark.

As the Earth is populated with a plethora of plantations where can a slave escape to? Will not one plantation owner respect the property of another?

Why are the jail cells of this plantation so full?

Something must be happening.

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