Circling the Wagons

Sometimes I do very strange things and at times I even briefly wonder what the heck it is that I am doing. Weird, but true.

Sometimes I even go to great lengths to test the veracity of my own desires by giving attention to what goes on around me. By noticing these things it provides a means of reflection. Is it not true that we draw in those things that best suit our own make-up? Is it not true that our so-called ‘external’ environment reflects the inner? It could be speculated that in the mirror of life and living we can come to catch perhaps, a glimmer of our own true nature, of what it is that we are.

In that vein I see that I have surrounded myself with a family that I would not have chosen for myself, acquaintances which do not exist and a life-long ambition of doing exactly nothing. Now that’s leaving no foot-prints in the sand!

Perhaps the issue is but an internal one where beyond the physical lies a state of being more closely aligned. While that is most likely true since organics are not exactly my ‘thing’ (even though I do enjoy the interaction of life energy), perhaps in the realm of purpose and plan there lies something else, something not easily apparent from this frame of reference. Of course every frame of reference requires a locus from which to undertake observer status so the question really becomes what’s my frame of reference? From where does this foray into obfuscation take root?

Well, the answer is of course that in intelligent design there requires an ingredient called ignorance. Where the ratio is variable, the package is not. In this case I would happily respond that of course I know that ignorance is bliss because the wagon train of truth is never much appreciated by all and the ones that do already have the answer anyway. Did you get all that? Probably not because like watching television, you only get to see what is being provided to you for you to take note of, all the rest is but conspiracy theories lacking in substance and sanity. Perhaps.

One could probably refer to planet Earth as the looney bin where crazies run rampant and like any dis-ease contagion is unavoidable. But I don’t look at it that way. I would say it’s more of a testing ground for something else, something down the road. But never mind that.

You know, maybe this is a good time for me to get back to oblivion.

Where was I…1

  1. As I was writing this the title kept nagging at me of being very familiar, so I had to search my own junk for worm sign. The only thing that I could come up with was Why Do We Create?. Whether it relates or not has no bearing because.... there it is! 

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