Ex and In

There are two types of perceptive awareness, one I’ll call Inclusive and the other, Exclusive. Both sides of the coin rest upon the state of awareness being flat-lined or in other words potential awareness without expression. Now that I’ve covered the Law of Threes I’d like to delve into some particulars.

Most people and I do mean just about everyone favors the Exclusive methodology where awareness, aka attention, follows the path of self-resistance. It’s the process where a being compares and relates to their environment according to their idea of who or what they are. Their own self-view comes first. All environmental interaction is received and perceived through that wonderful pair of glasses called “who I am”.

When I use the phrase environmental interaction I am referring not just to the physical experience but to the thought process as well, the mental environs. Which of course all boil down to the same thing.

Anyway, as one filters all outgoing and incoming interaction through the sense of who or what one is, it is to that reference that I make as being Exclusive. The sense of self overcomes and inundates everything else and as the standard bearer all must submit to the power of it’s domain. As a kingdom without a King would perish so too is the idea of one’s self. Accordingly, in the Exclusionary model, there is the sense of me and secondarily there is all else which is not me.

Through Exclusion one sustains a very lonely existence and in that loneliness a huge amount of pain and sorrow come to pass. There is no sense of belonging hence the need to attach one’s self to another person, place or thing in order to help alleviate that loneliness. There is no sense of one’s place in the universe because being alone requires separation and so one becomes compelled to seek dominion as a way of laying the responsibility for our plight at another’s doorstep. There is also a lack of perceptive reality where appearances, of signs and portents become our engaging way of life rather than to see something beyond our own shenanigans.

In Exclusion we become the outcast, we place ourselves separate and apart from not just the Universe but from everything.

Can one rely on those with an Exclusionary model of existence? Can the opinion of those who practice this belief be of just and sound mind?

I’ll let you answer that question for yourself.

Alternatively there is the other perceptive awareness that I mentioned called Inclusive. In contrast this mode of operation is completely different and is typically difficult to comprehend from an isolationist’s standpoint but perhaps I can help to provide the right word or phrase that just might impart a small glimmer.

In Inclusion there are no glasses through which the Universe passes. One perceives the environment through harmonious connections recognizing the interaction of particles in the Universe as not being outside of one’s self but being all Inclusive. That means that one cannot take one’s self seriously, that one’s sense of self is but another leaf which falls from the tree.

By using the ‘leaf which falls’ analogy here I am referring to the age-old concept of the Creator knowing of every leaf which falls from the tree. This is not a negative referral but one of a wider aspect of perception which includes all things - everything in the Universe which does not ‘happen’ by accident but by purpose and plan. I wouldn’t even go so far as so say that purpose and plan is an accurate statement but for our purposes here it is as close as I can get. Same goes to the reference of Creator.

By Including one’s self in the perceptive Universe a sense of connectedness flourishes. One comes to understand the why of things in the nature of the Universe and through the lack of self-concern one finds that action, though initiated by one’s self, is only an apparency.

In the Exclusionary model one holds onto and retains a of sense of doing things, of being and doing whereas in the Inclsionary model one has no need to hold or retain anything and there is no sense of being or doing.

I understand that that can be quite a difficult concept to comprehend in an Exclusionary standpoint. From such a strong stance of self, of fully knowing you are and of the things one needs to do, to one of having no concept or idea of one’s self and harboring no drive to do anything at all unless compelled to do so.

Perhaps that is the best way to describe the differences between Exclusion and Inclusion. In Inclusion one has their cup filled by the Universe and partakes as indicated whereas in Exclusion one’s cup is already filled to the brim with one’s own sense of self and the ensuing insatiable thirst drives one to indulge with fervent gusto.

Which would you prefer to rely on in times of trouble and turmoil? Man’s history has already demonstrated the knack for choosing unwisely but since the Universe seems to require such, I find no argument. Since I am but part of the woodwork the only contribution I can make is to keep alive the one small candle in the darkness to which I have the honor to uphold and to demonstrate that there are some things in the Universe which remain unmoved despite the appearance of the whirlwind of Man.

Seeing beyond one’s self out into the vast ‘unknown’ is not something for the faint of heart because one is never really alive until the glasses, the chains of bondage one readily accepts becomes acceptable no longer. In taking away the pleasure of the sense of self there comes to be a completely different way of life, of living not as a lost lonely being fumbling in the night of ignorance but of walking confidently out in the light of day with a full understanding of each step that is taken and recognizing that in the all-encompassing embrace of the Universe it’s a wonder that such a simple little thing like a beingness can grasp the tremendous and earth-shattering sense of connection, of unbridled joy.

(30 Sep 2014 094600: see footnote1.)

  1. A Follow-up Commentary: This posting really misses the mark and is being posted here for whatever reason. If that reason has something to do with you then perhaps the actual message will be clear. 

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