I am going to try to show the process of hesitation. Strange, but true.

When aligning one's self parallel to a particular reality something must be done with the knowledge, insight and wisdom divergent from that reality. Since there is no such thing as 'forgetting' and 'remembering' at this stage some sort of methodology must be employed in order to gain the reorientation needed to 'become' that particular reality. Like changing channels on the television screen, going from an intricate documentary to an absolutely terrifying and bloody horror movie the already established point of view must be reinvented. I say 'reinvented' with an understanding that there is nothing new in the Universe - at all.

The basis of change is not really a change but more of a realignment and in that realignment change happens. Do you see the difference?

Accordingly, in this establishment of perception there comes to be a setting aside of everything that is non-applicable. It all just goes by the way-side. This creates the condition whereby particular knowledge remain inaccessible and yet curiously may reappear when indicators in the assumed reality perspective point to it. Like a light bulb which can remain forever dark until that spark of electrical movement makes it come alive, there is no expiration date and yet a refresh date comes to pass.

I know that I know. Just don't ask me what.

But go ahead and show me and the road becomes quite clear.

Perhaps that will help to explain the purpose, process and perhaps, plan.

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