Doing The Right Thing

Many people proclaim that they know that doing the right thing is about doing what is right, about following one’s heart to overcome any and all odds to bring balance and harmony to any given situation. And when that proclamation expires out comes an enormous amount of backpedaling. Out comes the reasons, excuses and justifications as to why they personally do not do the ‘right thing’. I get that at lot!

When one truly understands the difference between right and wrong can one willingly do wrong? Can one purposefully and with intent create disharmony in a given situation? Can one, with full awareness, seek to bring contention and an imbalance to a situation if one truly has an understanding of the difference between right and wrong? Let’s face it, who in their right mind would seek to destroy a harmonious relationship? Would that person be considered insane - especially after firmly articulating their understanding of right and wrong?

That would be like a blind beggar in the street calling out for his servants to began serving the banquet.

Many people tend to believe their own lies and the harder they try to be ‘good’, the more ‘evil’ they become1. Trying to fulfill one’s fantasy about one’s self is a never ending battle between, you guessed it, right and wrong. The wrong idea about one’s self would be that one is honest and of integrity when in fact dishonesty runs rampant. No matter how much little Johnny firmly states that he didn’t eat that cookie, the fact remains that poor little Johnny did indeed eat a cookie. Once the truth comes out balance is brought to bear either through consequence or by just the revelation itself.

Fear can drive anyone mad with conflicting and confusing purposes and plans. One can float through all eternity in just that mode. But where will it get you, to be so self-involved, so self-centered that nothing else exists in the Universe but you and yours.

How childish.

In the same way that one cannot know that two plus two equals four when the answer given is sometimes five. Of course a child can’t be blamed for the lack of knowledge which you have failed to provide, can they?

Did you get that?

In bringing balance to a situation an adult weighs all aspects and delivers the appropriate response to that particular situation. The focal point is the perspective of realignment, of moving any and all aspects of the situation in such a way as to bring about an overall harmonic relationship. In so bringing about balance where would be the sense of self-interest?

The answer of course, is that there is no self-serving purpose in creating balance because when there is, there can be no peace. And without peace right and wrong, along with all their consequences become very, very, important.

I wish you a quite unimportant day doing nothing and achieving nil. But just because my life is like that doesn’t mean that you have to follow. We all have our own roads to follow, our own expressions to come to terms with. Unfortunately for most, right and wrong are a huge part of that. You fully have the right and privilege to undertake such but please, please stop making excuses as to why your pretension is justified. It isn’t.

  1. This is quite an important point. 

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