Manufactured Society

I look around and am amazed at how every aspect of life is controlled, manipulated, adjusted and fenced off. Like cattle through the gateway, the mass called humanity is tenderly cared for so as not to harm the merchandise - unless of course it’s for the common ‘good’. But that’s not what I’m amazed at. What is interesting for me is how the vast multitudes play along to get along and take the lesson of upsetting the apple cart very, very seriously.

If what is happening in today’s world cannot be accepted don’t even concern yourself with it because it’s not that bad. Really it’s not because what lies beyond that is much, much worse. But don’t worry, this plastic society will help to make you comfortable, even if barely. Do you see how that works?

It really does come down to science, to tried and tested procedures that have been fine-tuned to an efficiency that is guaranteed to produce. From cradle to grave there is no aspect that has been left undisturbed, untouched by ‘human’ hands in order to bring about a more perfect union.

The dead have inherited the Earth.

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