Battling The Defensive Forces

I am my own enemy.

Have you ever woken up one morning and straight out of the blue just decided to change your own thinking, just because you can. Have you ever taken on the responsibly of being in two, or more, places at once just so that every beggar in the street with outstretched arms can be attended? Have you ever, upon gaining bodily stimuli in the morning after drifting off to sleep the night before, wondered what you did during all that time of 'unconsciousness'? There are so many questions to give attention to, is there not?

From walking the fine line of egress to boldly going where no Man has gone before there are so many nooks ands crannies to be explored while traversing the crooked path, is there not? Such attention to detail is surely worthy of one's weight in gold. But alas, the finer things in life elude me.

And then came the reinforcements but what is it that was seen when the arrival came from a far different direction? What is it that garnered the attention so? But alas, the rougher things in life elude me but even still I would scratch my head on that one. From out of the blue and far afield that which takes place is obviously there for our experiential delight and so the Kool-aid goes down nice and refreshing.

Amazingly, in a show of hands, the request goes out for another.

It's difficult to live with principals among those who know nothing of such and who have instead embraced their own bloated egotistical reflections so lovingly crafted with skill and... craft. Some may say that it isn't even human but who am I to judge the shadows? Who am I say such things that no one will listen to anyway.

It's true, I am my own enemy and through such evaluation I have determined that I am not wanting in the least. Would you consider that freedom, or entrapment?

Falling prey to one's own mental state, though commonly accepted as being part of 'nature', is, in my eyes, just plain stupidity. Maybe that's why there's no place like home, as I close my eyes and click my heels...

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