Taking The Last Train To Clarkville

Sometimes it can be a difficult process to convert a conceptual understanding into plain-text language so that the recipient can connect the dots in order to comprehend that which is given. This is quite the flawed process and only exists to overcome, by leaps and bounds, the bounds and barriers placed by the recipient for their own 'protection'. That's a nice way of saying that ignorance can appear as bliss but overcoming the odds of the cards being stacked against one's self is neither a pleasant nor short affair. Traveling the road to Rome one meets road warriors hell-bent on achievement. It seems that most will not be denied.

It is in this arena that gladiators present themselves ready to battle against all odds whatever is presented to them for the amusement and gain of others who lay in wait behind safety and security. It's really funny to realize that it is they, the sight-seers, who have already been marked for death without due homage neither to insight nor knowledge. The lost are well-seated while the show plays itself out.

In deception we tend to portray of ourselves that which we deem to be worthy in order to further our position upon the Game of Life and Living, at the end of which we are always left holding the bag, which we are exceedingly shocked and horrified to discover is empty and devoid of our accumulated bangles, baubles and beads. How many times must this circumstance be repeated before we allow reality to step in through the door of our convictions?

Eventually, our environment degrades and comes to a finality with which we prepare ourselves to be ill-prepared for. All things perish.

the end

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