A Kiddies Tale

Warning! This is a _huge_ page load with tons of graphics.

This is going to be a show and tell kind of post where the 'show' is somewhat cat based and the 'tell' is... well, I'm sure you'll be able to figger it out. Go slow so as to take it all in.

There are many kinds of beings in this universe.

There are those who walk a polarity which is a direct result of their own self-interest which of course never leads to joy.

And then there are those who take great pleasure in the joy of life - in all of it's manifestations.

Where some will plot and toil in the delight of chasing game...

There are those who are are too busy listening to the music of the universe, in all it's glory, to have any interest in such shallow endeavors.

Foolishly, some take great interest in finding a way, any way, to get the upper hand in order to lord over and rule others.

Finding safety in numbers, the pack is always afoot looking for an opening to use to their advantage.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way.

Why is that? Why do these kinds of beings wind up doing such silly things?

Sometimes it even gets worse.

Especially when they try harder.

There is a reason that these types of beings are tracked.

There is a reason that there are some who take on the task of dealing with such things.

It's not a gang out to do war.

But of watching and waiting.

Because sooner or later the rough seas take their toll.

And the balance of the universe comes to the fore quite shockingly.

And events become something very different, where the veil comes to be lifted and their actions are revealed for what they really are.

Where the goal of domination comes up short.

Where right actions become ingrained and those who used to take relish in domination become themselves dependent.

And seek a way out of their own self-inflicted torment...

Longing to be in the company of other intelligence expressing a shared affinity.

Where keeping at bay the nightmare of one's own torment is no longer a necessity.

Where one is no longer one's own worst enemy.

Wouldn't that be great!

I think so too.

Let's turn out the light and end this chapter of Man's foray into self-interest, destruction included.

It makes me sick to think that life should be anything else but unbounded joy.

I'd rather take on the next case.

And leave you as you really are...

In the spirit of play with due regard for all life.

That was be very pleasing.

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