There is a movie of the same name as the title of this post and it certainly applies. You know the one, from 1995.

I found this picture on The McCLaughry’s Blog in an article discussing, among other things, psychotronics. Here, have a look:


That’s me on the right and on the left can be found a huge, and I mean huge, number of people on this planet. In that number I’ve included the subtle and gross control inflicted. But let’s get back to the movie theme, shall we.

But perhaps not.

I am going to insert a statement here. I do not succumb nor do I subscribe to the idea of how so-called ‘facts’ are used to demonstrate accepted reality. I could care less about ‘accepted reality’ but I do have a great interest in how things come together for the reason or reasons that they do. ‘Facts’, as defined here on this planet, are merely attributes associated with regulated thinking. That’s why in the picture above I can be found on the right side.

Since this ‘blog’ has already clearly shown that it is well outside of well-established, known and predictable thought patterns perhaps what was expressed in the previous paragraph can be more fully understood, in context.

Let’s continue the show.

Biological robots are nothing new. If you really think about it and have an understanding of the why and how a being inhabits a biological life-form, you will clearly see that even you yourself become the controlling factor to a very great degree thereby relegating the life-form to being your own little robotic toy, to be used and abused according to your own self-induced wishes.

Well, if you can imagine that scenario then perhaps the next step could be taken whereby the consciousness, or self-aware ‘being’ becomes but the puppet where some other master pulls the strings.

Do you get that?

In both cases there is a commonality upon which rests your willingness to acquiesce. But that is beside the point right now.

Control is such a tormented subject. When you control the dog at the end of your leash you are in the driver’s seat. When you command your children do one thing or another, you are in the driver’s seat. When you allow others to sway your own sense of integrity, you are in the driver’s seat. The bottom line is that no matter what you do and anyone else does, you are in the driver’s seat of your own experience. You do make it all happen even though some consequences are avoided like the plague, but like all good stories it all works out in the end. It always does because you are a good story to be told.

Man, I am getting way off track here. Let’s circle back to pick up where we left off, okay?

Okay, well, maybe some other time then.

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