Wee Willy Winky

Looking about there is not much to see. Sure, there are plenty of hands up in the air saying "Look at me, look at me!" but their grandstanding is of little concern or even interest. Running with the big dogs requires a certain flair and without it you might just as well be one of the herd traveling through the stockyard on the way to the meat house. I hear that they have nice motels along the way for the weary traveler. But then the highway bypass got built and everything went to hell in a hand basket real quick even though I've never personally owned a hand basket.

Some dogs simply stay on the porch, especially when their cup of tea hasn't been brewed yet. Ever see the velvet painting of a group of dogs playing poker? Serious business that is. Some dogs can be trained to not eat on command. Other dogs just lie there, all disinterested-like and pretend that their breed has value. I always ask the question, what value and how much?

Shopping is never a joy when the clothes do not fit the Man.

Remember George Jetson? That was a fun show. Is it really Saturday?

This line has been taken since the previous one liners have all been filled. Thanks for asking.

Moon beams can leave one in such a lovely dreamy state but then when the big one hits there is no one left to waken in order to see the sights. Get my meaning?

Time has such a material quality to it but we all know by now that not all things not made in China have market value. Playing to the crowd has taken on new meaning but not really, I've been around a while.

Walking two by two does not require holding hands but it helps when one is cognizant of the fact that there has come to be another who has joined the parade. Don't tell me that you didn't notice... something.

Energy waves are notoriously overrated. Surfs up!

I suppose that given the fact of inexperience some things in life are impossible if not downright improbable. Who would have thought?

Limitation has value but does it?

Here, I'll serve you a platter of yours.

Oh stop being a baby and have some.

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