No Man's Land

It's no secret, I do not interfere in the ways of Man. It's your party and I am but a guest.

That doesn't mean that I cannot interfere and throw around my own interpretation of self but I'm not by nature egotistical nor self-serving. How could I be with such an enormous amount of that already floating around, permeating Man's very existence. God-forbid someone should look in the mirror but it's not my place to make you do that, it is completely your choice. I could provide a means whereby an invitation is provided to do so but the rest, well that is completely up to you.

Look, don't look, it doesn't really change anything anyway but that is a different matter and perspective.

I thought that this would be a good time to rehash something, a past excursion so to speak, to see what's what. Not really but it sounds good doesn't it?

Please remember that this is but someone else's idea of the what and how things should be. I really don't mind much of it but like anyone else, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Just thought that I would throw that out there on a windy Friday.

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