Boogie Woogie

In the words of the Great Saint Peter... let's get the hell out of here!

Yeah, he did say it but don't quote me on that. As a matter of fact don't ever quote me because I have nothing to sell and when I try to give it all away it becomes a Kodak moment as the deer gets mesmerized by the lights. Maybe the poor dear needs 'adjusting'1.

Cue the off-stage shouts capturing the Capitalistic glee so plainly evident here.2

Anyway, since I have nothing else to offer and no one really gives a shit all I can say is good luck.

I must be in a pissy mood. Or maybe it's been lurking all this time just below the surface as I'm neither surprised nor hopeful of but another turn of the wheel. I do walk alone and despite my best efforts I am as I am. It's not that I'm disappointed in my efforts because I don't judge nature, in all it's wonderful glory, according to little 'ol me.

It's not surprising to me to shout in a cavern and have no echo return. But that is my fate and I certainly do live up to it. As the pages of Life turn one to another my gaze and attention remain.

So as I lift up this cup to celebrate my efforts I remain undivided.

It is here that I stand and nowhere else.

It's never been anything else but that.

Get the picture?3

  1. I crack myself up. 

  2. Referencing the term in a number of ways here so please don't take the narrow dead-end street. 

  3. This is a gratuitous footnote. Drink it in... 

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