Dear Diary...

I must be on a roll1. Either that or terribly bored and finding comfort in exposing myself.

There is always a darkness2 and when the ensuing dawn breaks everything changes. No, I'm not talking about that fresh pot of coffee brewing and smelling up the place with enticement. I talking about a regeneration, a refreshment of what has gone before.

Sometimes we settle in as with that tried and true and very familiar bag of chips prior to a bout of movie watching. That is not necessarily a bad thing but it can't be a good thing when we turn a blind eye to our own shenanigans. Perhaps that's the reason that I do not take myself seriously. I mean, how can I do that when the universe is right at my doorstep beckoning me to do whatever the hell I want. That's not really true not because I don't believe it but because I don't take advantage of others. There is a price to pay for that and believe me, I've been there, done that thank you very much.

I've learned my lessons not because they have been hard, persistent or terribly blinding but because I pay attention. Okay, so I would like to believe that but in either case what goes on around me is not lost upon me. Color my world, that sort of thing.

What is the point of all this you ask? Let's ask Jimi Hendrix since I'm currently listening to his "The Wind Cries Mary" followed up with "White Rabbit" by the Jefferson Airplane.

Must be I'm stuck in the past. That actually rings true so I guess I better pull up my pants because my 'age' is showing. I believe and probably always will in the good intentions of Man even though it comes up short time after time. Let's just say that I haven't reached the 'nuke 'em all' stage yet. Where there is hope there is time on my hands.

Yeah, I've got time on my hands that is for sure.

But I am not the arbiter2 of time. You see, we all have our own parts to play in this game of Russian Roulette. Someone's got to take it.

I find the thought of that quite amusing.3

  1. I'm referring to the number of posts that I have made this day. 

  2. Disclaimer. 

  3. Now that I think of it maybe I'll change the game just a tad. You know, just to make it interesting. Oh and be sure to see my I Am terrified post. I'm still laughing about that one. 

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