Swept Away

There is a time, a place. a moment of thought that escapes from it's birthing and explodes into maturity. Leading our perception, it carries us forward into the recesses of imagination and creates a reality so real, so exciting, that it becomes our entire being from which it seems there is no escape. Boldly we stride amongst the stars and walk with an air or purpose and grandeur. Longing for the prize, we challenge our opponents at every turn. Winning is the time and place, or so it appears.

Past the edifice of our embodiment lies the reality that we know only too well. Nothing can turn it aside, nothing can sway it's forward momentum. Striving for fruition, we await the turn of events with patience and honor. Of all that is moved, our focus remains narrow with purpose. On the periphery of our perception, Life goes on about us, seemingly oblivious to our own purposes and plans. Falling in line, we fall out just as quickly.

As we are swept along in time, we tumble and fall, haphazardly strewing ourselves where ever possible. The possibilities are endless and so we are. In the creation of life, we die just a little more every day until eventually, we are swallowed whole, never to be reborn as we see fit. We are not alone.

Encompassing the thoughts of our perception, we surmise the future and take comfort in our imagination. Reality flows despite our best efforts. The place of time seeks it's own eventuality and so comes to pass. Evermore cried the Raven as it leads us into new lives and experience. Taking flight away, we burn with desire.

There are many paths, many places and many ways. Have you explored them all or will the exploration become the new thought for the day. Taking the high road, or the low, makes little difference in the end, but along the way, we desire so much more.

The road is rising up to meet us in a way much different than before. Are you ready to be swept away once more?

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