Taking Note Of Ourselves

As we torment ourselves with problems of every magnitude is it any wonder that we have so little time to devote to freeing ourselves from them. When one problem drops away another quickly steps in to fill our life with the livingness we call 'hell'. How do we step outside of the view we have of ourselves in order to break that image and free us from the eternal darkness which we hold over ourselves. How do we change our reality to better suit our needs.

Imagining life to be one thing or another we constantly strive for one thing or another never taking a moments rest of insight and reflection. Without a momentary pause we become the painting we so fervently desire.

On the canvas of life, we paint our reality.

But this reality is not THE reality, it is filled and full-filled with nothing but our own thoughts and ideas of the way things 'should be'. Spiritual freedom is not about having the freedom to create a reality as we so choose - we are already completely immersed in that already. Spiritual freedom is the freedom from ALL realities. Nothing, no-thing therefore binds us and hence, controls us.

One cannot be free when one is bound by a created reality, ANY created reality, whether in thought word or deed. When we chase rainbows we are simply chasing ourselves to death. But beyond the false, no matter how 'real' it may all appear to be, lies what IS. One cannot chase it, one cannot grasp it and one cannot come to terms with it.

All that we can do is to resolve our obsession with being obsessed. If it is not one thing which captures our attention, it is another. As that attention expands out into the universe, is it any wonder that problems are reflected back? It seems a bit ridiculous to want a freedom that cannot be imagined, but since our very nature is that freedom something inside us tells that we are going in the right direction.

Who is it that we are fooling with our cleverness?

As we run in fright when we see ourselves in the mirror or life where is it that we are running to, or are we just another example of what it means to be a demented, tortured soul who knows not of life. Perhaps the next time that a problem is encountered it can be recognized that as our reflection comes back to us we become blessed with the insight to SEE.

Enduring a problem with longevity is simply another means of running scared down the hall of our dreams. Maybe we should, instead, take note of ourselves.

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