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Standing Upon The Precipice

Power is a strange thing as envisioned. It's but a lie of course but in the acceptance it becomes as true as true is. In perception reality takes form and shape sometimes to our complete 'surprise' and at other times as a self deserving... 08 Nov 2023

Tall Tales By The Fireside

Let's face it, we all tell our tales and as we sit by the fireside all comfy and secure, all sorts of dangerous liaisons prop up. Igniting fires of interest we throw buckets of gasoline in order to perpetuate our existence living out our hopes... 18 Sep 2019

Looney Tunes

Is it Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs? Strange things can happen.... 22 Jul 2014

Chance Happenstance

In a moment of peace the silence of our being arises and lets us know that we do indeed exist. Isn't it strange that in order for peace to come to us we must kill all the thoughts and ideas that we have of ourselves? Holding on to things, we... 18 May 2005

Chance Encounters

Acknowledging others ideas towards greater whole-being survival greatly enhances the sphere of our own individual survival. That is not to say that other's ideas are valid and of sufficient worth whereby they must be relegated to one of... 26 Dec 1999

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