Watching The Natives Get A Suntan

Of the rise and fall, the victimization of the ruling elite; is there any wonder that these too fall prey to those of greater self-esteem? The ladder does indeed rise above, way above the heads of commoners and elitists alike. Is there such a thing as an hierarchy which defines itself as being beyond the sight of mere mortal man?

Indeed there is and in this Universe of glory and glee there exists so much more than appearance, deception and greed.

Make no mistake, greed takes a number of forms in order to work it’s ‘magic’ upon the asleep and destitute but that doesn’t mean that one should bite into the apple of knowledge in order to live a full and complete life - a life experience where our busy little minds are sure to keep us occupied and ‘trouble-free’. If only there was such a thing.

Coming to terms with our own selfish endeavors requires one to be awake and aware of what the heck we are doing to both ourselves, and to the world at large. You see, occupation is so much more than just a state of mind. Given enough rope to hang ourselves we glorify in occupation both internally and externally. In seeing the world we work quite diligently to remake it into our own image of what we are. “Mirror, mirror upon the wall, is it not true that it is ‘I’ who is most fair and above all.”

The so-called ‘ruling elite’ is nothing but one more label added to our ever growing list of things to do while in the Universe of our own making. It is true - we are the ruling elite and our domain encompasses all those who we can subvert to our cause. The cause being we ourselves beholden as mighty and true.

When the shoe is on the other foot the effects are quite different and tend to rub many a travelers the wrong way. When we become ensnared in another’s game of gift and glory we chaff with an uneasiness through which we express our revulsion but when it comes to be our turn it suddenly becomes something of great worth and value - all should take comfort in the fact that we are in control. Should not the peasantry be thankful and show signs of great respect? Should not the lower life forms provide the alms justly due their benefactor for his great deeds of nobility and keen sense of fashion?

All the world is a stage and upon the planks of well worn ritual the play unfolds and in due course the life experience wrought by those in our environment take root and grow in the mind of man producing the harvest of ideological insanity.

In looking around we tend to see what we want to see completely forgetting our way along the way. Staring intently at our own reflection, all life passes us by. As our moment of opportunity repeatedly passes us by our obliviousness gives us away as being paralyzed with our own self importance. Remaining rooted in time and space we become the slaves so desperately needed by the ruling elite. As pawns we barely move through life gaining nothing but what is spoon fed to us he entertainment provided for our ‘benefit’. If only our rose-colored glasses weren’t so thick.

In giving away our freedom, our right to individuality we lose so much more than a place in the Universe. We lose that precious connection to the Great Almighty, the Great Maker. In breaking our vows we come to revel our role of ‘broken piece’ upon the chess board of life and living. Moving about as directed, our life is neither our own nor achievable. As we engage the entertainment so provided, we lose ourselves more and more until eventually the only freedom we have is in choosing to buy either greed or self-interest. One and the same we become enraptured by the presentation that they are indeed very different - that they are not at all what they really are but something of great value and worth, just like the controllers who hide behind the mirrored glass. “If you cannot see me then I am safe.”

If it works for the elite, then surely we too must embrace the ideology.

The trouble is that it doesn’t work despite all the secretive vows of perpetual silence perpetuated through trial and murder. Silence in these circles is not only golden but enforced. You will obey.

Scaring the daylights out of us, many turn to the darkness, to that safe haven which we are assured is completely safe. The stifled laughter of deceit is never noticed as we suckle on benefits which are ‘given’ to us by those who know what is best for us. Yes, as we embrace torture we scream in hysteria completely ignorant of any type of reality other than the one being shoved down our throats.

Where oh where have we gone wrong? Or have we?

Paying the Piper is a great way to let karma finish out the song we started to sing. Hearing the echoes upon the halls of life and living we listen intently completely unsatisfied as to how things are turning out for us. Do we really sound that bad? Perhaps we had better clean up our act so as to avoid any future screams upon the blackboard of our making.

But what does that have to do with those who hold sway over us?

In the thick of listening to our echoes reverberate through time and space little do we realize that we have already paid the ticket fare to cross the ocean of death and destruction in order to hear our fine talent being laid out for all to enjoy. Squeamish is not something for the brave and so we stand head-fast against the rising tide of inequity until the dam can hold no more and the waters of ablution cleanses much more than the hunk of flesh we just happen to be currently wearing.

Chilling to the bone, we come to meet our maker and as the face of familiarity stares back at us in the mirror of experience we gleefully lay claim to being such a fine and grand thing worthy of so much more than that little thing called ‘respect’.

In our boldness to go where no man has gone before we forget that there are times and places where no man should go, where no one should step foot. Just because they sell candy in the money funnel at the market doesn’t mean that one should partake of it. Some things are better left unsaid, undone and completely ignored.

But for those who cry out at the resistance to temptation never let it be said that freedom comes easily - or cheaply. As we pay for our ‘right’ to experience we become but pawns in another’s game of consumption. Sometimes, in order to play a game, one must trick a created opponent into playing, especially when there are no takers to be found. You’ve heard the term before; “Sometimes, you have to create your own fun.”

For some, having another hold sway - especially those of ‘higher’ purport, creates a sense of well being, of being ‘taken care of’. When we begin to lose our own sense of self-responsibility we create the ideal master to carry it for us. Of those willing to take on such endeavors there is no lack, but as to those who remain rooted in sovereignty - there are only the few and far between.

It is telling of those who cry out in despair against their masters. How does one willingly give up their own rights and yet despair of becoming the victim of their created circumstance? Such foolishness never resolves as the root cause is always places somewhere else in time and space. The ruling elite is always responsible because in accumulating such they are responsible - but so are the donators, the voluntary blood donators.

Is it any wonder then that blood drinking and ritual sacrifice are part and parcel of world governance?

In the game of acquisition, terminology becomes very important. The right words and phrases one uses and the way that they are used is not only important but paramount. Appearances can be deceiving and that is precisely the point. In the world of doom and gloom there just is never enough to go around and so in order to keep production high a lot of overtime must be surrendered. Profit is always king, is it not? And as we all answer to someone, we must all be on guard, on our best guarded behavior.

Looking at the obvious it becomes quite plain that some games, all games, though played ad infinitum through time and space, lead somewhere to some specific goal. It is to this goal that all moves upon the chess board are thought out and evaluated. It is to this ultimate goal that all pain and suffering are rewarded, that all peace and joy are repaid. The goal of all moves upon the multi-dimensional game of life and living is to reveal the truth that you are.

It is to this goal that all life fulfills it’s purpose and plan. It is to this goal that the stream of experience carries us to in order to allow ourselves to reveals to our selves that we are. Not to show us what we may think that we are or even who we may think we are or will be, but to demonstrate in no uncertain terms through direct experience that we are so much more than the birth of our being, of being one thing or another.

Where one refuses to learn through conviction, conversion is sometimes required. Through deadly tales of woe and regard the grass comes to look much more greener on the other side of the fence. And when our self importance again takes hold of us we look out across the vast plain of our being and see that the grass is indeed greener just over there. Never here, but over there.

When appreciation for the moment becomes lost, so too does out rightful place in the Universe. Lost and lonely we simply become even more so until that eventual day when we suddenly realize that we are the piece being moved forward for what appears as another’s gain. But the gain is ours and ours alone. Waking up can be a painful, deeply personal affair or it can be what it really is - picking ourselves back up after falling.

You see, Man has already fallen and is just now beginning to see that not all is well in the land of Oz, that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Endowing ourselves with sight, we see. Sometimes it takes a great amount of chess piece shuffling in order to get everything in just the right place at just the right time. We are now in that position - in just the right time and place for amazing things to happen. Amazing things always happen but now the opportunity presents itself whereby there comes to be sight to see it. From being blind to blinded by the explosion of awareness is not only a sight to see but tends to leave one speechless for a very, very long time.

It’s not the first time that the sun has burned so hotly or as brightly but each and every time is like the first time.

And it is.

Closing In

The maker of worlds, the destroyer of men. We all contain sufficient amounts of the balancing compounds of life and living but the truth is in the telling. Not in the expression of self congratulatory pride of ownership but in the willful conviction that no one stands alone, that all are not children of men but of the Great Maker, the Greatest Maker of all.

It’s hard to visualize the all-encompassing embrace of a totality which leaves that feeble thing called ‘the mind’ far, far behind but none-the-less it’s reality can not be denied. We do have the choice to turn our backs upon it but that does not mean it’s existence ceases to exist. The mind of man can come up with some pretty amazing and far-out ideas which can all be justified and logically concluded to no end but that doesn’t mean this created reality is real in the slightest. Just because billions of people believe that killing, raping and pillaging is a good thing doesn’t make it so.

Sheep tend to follow sheep and the question becomes: do we devote our time and effort to the so-called ‘shepherd’ or ‘shepherds’ or do we devote our time to the sheep? Do we wake the herd risking a stampede or do we disturb the routine of the shepherd enticing rebuke and repulsion? Danger can lurk on each and every path - just ask anyone!

But that is the point. Through trial and error, danger becomes solidified and ‘real’ and when this reality becomes shared it leads to the creation of foundational principals of getting through life and living. False though they may be, the rules and regulations of self-imposed exile come to be embraced. “We’ve always done it that way.”

How do break the mold? How do we dissipate a false reality in order to make the obvious that much more so? How do we open eyes so encrusted with sleep that the grip of death on the dream of life and living simply refuses to budge? What to do… what to do.

The perception of sleeping beings is a false one. The idea of a being’s attention becoming self-absorbed comes pretty close to the idea of sleeping, of going away.

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” The funny thing is that in order to create this supposition being must have already taken place. So from the standpoint of being one decides to be something else or to remain as a nothing - with the nothing being simply in relation to something else. Of course the usual action is to be something - anything! So out of nowhere comes the some thing which one becomes.

So from being nothing one becomes some thing from which all else springs. How easy we fool ourselves in order to create. How easy it is to do anything!

So many individuals spend lifetime after lifetime learning and yearning for their true state - to become something other than what they are. Yes, we do know that trick well. Start from zero with the conviction that the only choice is movement. Backward or forward really doesn’t matter so long as there is movement of one kind or another. Good… Bad… what’s the difference, it all comes from the same place - home.

Home is where the heart is and that is exactly what we are. Though we may try to leave, we never can. Though we may try to be some thing, it never lasts. Grasping at straws, our beingness finds purpose and plan. Jump faster, jump higher, jump harder!

Collecting experience, we relish the idea. In the movie of our own making we can clearly see; “Look! It’s me doing those things!” In discovering ourselves we feel good that we exist, but unfortunately our existence does not come with a money back guarantee. Eventually it fades into the back cutting room where all our scraps of time travel fall. Only the very best deserve to be a Kodak moment!

As we hang trophy after trophy on the wall of remembrance we sooner or later reach the stage where nothing is left but the journey home. And so as we embark upon another experiential foray we wring out all we can of it’s worth - every last drop! We must have it all!

Eventually we realize that there is nothing left to gain as the last bastion of hope called self-reflection reworks itself into something quite strange. It becomes the hammer which does us in and as the hammer falls our beingnesses topple one by one. Our self imposed perfection wrought upon the universe at large begins to show it’s ugly head. Killing the beast we become free of our own universe, our own way of achieving life and living.

When the walls of Jericho fell the trumpets heralded a new age. When self-reflection falls, the age of man will come to a close.

There will be no survivors - as always.


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