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Watching The Natives Get A Suntan

Closing In

The maker of worlds, the destroyer of men. We all contain sufficient amounts of the balancing compounds of life and living but the truth is in the telling. Not in the expression of self congratulatory pride of ownership but in the willful conviction that no one stands alone, that all are not children of men but of the Great Maker, the Greatest Maker of all.

It's hard to visualize the all-encompassing embrace of a totality which leaves that feeble thing called 'the mind' far, far behind but none-the-less it's reality can not be denied. We do have the choice to turn our backs upon it but that does not mean it's existence ceases to exist. The mind of man can come up with some pretty amazing and far-out ideas which can all be justified and logically concluded to no end but that doesn't mean this created reality is real in the slightest. Just because billions of people believe that killing, raping and pillaging is a good thing doesn't make it so.

Sheep tend to follow sheep and the question becomes: do we devote our time and effort to the so-called 'shepherd' or 'shepherds' or do we devote our time to the sheep? Do we wake the herd risking a stampede or do we disturb the routine of the shepherd enticing rebuke and repulsion? Danger can lurk on each and every path - just ask anyone!

But that is the point. Through trial and error, danger becomes solidified and 'real' and when this reality becomes shared it leads to the creation of foundational principals of getting through life and living. False though they may be, the rules and regulations of self-imposed exile come to be embraced. "We've always done it that way."

How do break the mold? How do we dissipate a false reality in order to make the obvious that much more so? How do we open eyes so encrusted with sleep that the grip of death on the dream of life and living simply refuses to budge? What to do... what to do.

The perception of sleeping beings is a false one. The idea of a being's attention becoming self-absorbed comes pretty close to the idea of sleeping, of going away.

"To be or not to be, that is the question." The funny thing is that in order to create this supposition being must have already taken place. So from the standpoint of being one decides to be something else or to remain as a nothing - with the nothing being simply in relation to something else. Of course the usual action is to be something - anything! So out of nowhere comes the some thing which one becomes.

So from being nothing one becomes some thing from which all else springs. How easy we fool ourselves in order to create. How easy it is to do anything!

So many individuals spend lifetime after lifetime learning and yearning for their true state - to become something other than what they are. Yes, we do know that trick well. Start from zero with the conviction that the only choice is movement. Backward or forward really doesn't matter so long as there is movement of one kind or another. Good... Bad... what's the difference, it all comes from the same place - home.

Home is where the heart is and that is exactly what we are. Though we may try to leave, we never can. Though we may try to be some thing, it never lasts. Grasping at straws, our beingness finds purpose and plan. Jump faster, jump higher, jump harder!

Collecting experience, we relish the idea. In the movie of our own making we can clearly see; "Look! It's me doing those things!" In discovering ourselves we feel good that we exist, but unfortunately our existence does not come with a money back guarantee. Eventually it fades into the back cutting room where all our scraps of time travel fall. Only the very best deserve to be a Kodak moment!

As we hang trophy after trophy on the wall of remembrance we sooner or later reach the stage where nothing is left but the journey home. And so as we embark upon another experiential foray we wring out all we can of it's worth - every last drop! We must have it all!

Eventually we realize that there is nothing left to gain as the last bastion of hope called self-reflection reworks itself into something quite strange. It becomes the hammer which does us in and as the hammer falls our beingnesses topple one by one. Our self imposed perfection wrought upon the universe at large begins to show it's ugly head. Killing the beast we become free of our own universe, our own way of achieving life and living.

When the walls of Jericho fell the trumpets heralded a new age. When self-reflection falls, the age of man will come to a close.

There will be no survivors - as always.

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