Ridges And The Fixation Of Attention

A "ridge" is nothing more than energy which is trapped, or 'stuck' in time. This is a funny way to put it because in fact, it is not stuck at all, it is our attention which becomes 'stuck'. It's like having a bad dream that never goes away no matter how far or how fast we run away from it.

Where ever we go and in what ever we do, our shadow is there to remind us of our sense of responsibility.

In combating another's 'will' or strength of attention, our egotistical nature requires that it defend itself and will do so to whatever extreme is required. After all, we are the boss, are we not? But we are not. That egotistical nature which rears it's ugly head is nothing but the dream taken form. Sometimes, we must scare ourselves half to death in order to wake ourselves up enough in order to see. But there is no seeing and there never will be. When we fixate our attention on something, anything, we become the ridge, traveling through time, awaiting our 'moment' in time. How funny is that? :-)

In the Free Zone, ridges are quite understood as the Free Zone itself is an energy ridge, traveling through time. But for the Free Zone there is no 'future' moment in time in which to awaken. The Free Zone is there, drawing 'outside' energy to itself and nothing more. If one were to discover exactly what that 'outside' energy is, it just might be the wake-call which one has phoned home for.

Alan Walter's "spiritual teammates" concept has gained an acceptance in the so-called 'freezone' and there are a number of individuals who have succumbed to it's repercussions. Giant clusters of like-minded 'thetans' wandering the Universe in search of a mission makes a lovely Hollywood scenario for putting these 'teammates' into action on one's behalf. It's definitely a "power struggle" and it's purely a ridge-making machine.

But ridge-making machines are quite stupid. They cannot react. The word react can take on many definitions but here, we are referring to it as "intelligent response to stimulus". Machines are programmed for functions and that is it. Clusters or grouped ridges, which are nothing but collective energy, address the environment out of phase, or not in present time. It's a hall-mark of a ridge.

When these 'spiritual teammates' are sent on a mission by their Master, or Group Handler, they become programmed. This is not the way of spiritual growth and expanding awareness, but we are not addressing that point here.

As a wall of energy, their passing in the Night can't be missed by those who are in present time. Are when that wall of energy comes to greet it's target, the one who is in present time could care less. Energy is not fought with energy, in fact it is not fought at all.

Awareness dissipates energy. Through awareness, moments in time are unglued and evaporate, thereby increasing awareness. It is what auditing is all about. Freeing small amounts of energy along the way (or chain), insight or realization becomes the demonstration that energy has become free. There is not a 'sense' of increase in awareness, there is an increase in awareness.

If you really want 'power', go on a ridge-busting rampage. You, and those around you, will never be the same again.

This is why the 'freezone', along with Walter's "spiritual teammates" are impotent. They clearly lack the understanding of what a ridge actually is. They might know what they have read, but the demonstration is what tells the tale, not the words used to describe the knowledge. There is a big difference.

For those who do not understand the thing, are subject to the thing.

By actively creating ridges of energy, the 'freezone' becomes sucked dry of it's own energy. Is it any wonder then, the state of awareness of those involved?

The Free Zone is a created ridge and yet it travels neither forward or backward in time. Isn't it interesting that ridges can be put to other uses?

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