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Trial By Fire, Trail By Tears

Becoming unglued, we search and reach for the safety of our netting and yet as time and experience weep forward our lust for comfort comes to know no bounds and so becomes unbounded. We are everywhere we want to be. In desperation we turn a good… 18 Jan 2008

As The World Turns

One good turn deserves another. As the world turns existence becomes perpetuated. Life goes on and though dark and dreary to some and uplifting and rewarding to others, life goes on with or without you. In this conceptual understanding we place… 16 Jan 2008

Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?

There was a time when the lights did indeed go out. The _Spark of Creation__, sometimes called ‘thetan”, came to be dimmed and slowly but inexorably, went out. How could this shining star, this perpetual brightness, ever come to be less than… 16 Jan 2008

Heartbreak Hotel

Checking in, we seek adventures one after the other all in the hopes that our yearning will bear fruit this time. This time around we shall overcome. In belief we remain rooted and though we become shaken and not stirred we remain steadfast…. 16 Jan 2008

In Time Of Need

In time of need, we become needfull. To be “need-full” one must be devoid of need and thereby undertake the quest of full-filling the vacancy. Our cup must be filled to overflowing. In this search and discovery of great intent we relish the… 15 Jan 2008

Thetans Again

The following post, which comes from one of the old Forums here on fza.org, has been a favorite of mine for quite a while now. The reason for this is that this LRH extract is quite clear and straight-forward. If a person is, in any way,… 09 Jan 2008

The Pilot Is Dead

Long ago I created this Home Page for The Pilot to give him the space where he could accumulate his written works. As time went on “The Pilot’s Home Page” section at Free Zone America grew not only in the accumulation of his written works but… 04 Jan 2008

The Free Zone: What Is It Really?

CBR (Captain Bill Robertson) first brought to light the term “Free Zone” and since then all hell has broken loose. It’s really amazing the amount of movement that has occurred from this action and ‘seeing the light of day’ has brought new… 04 Jan 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

A drivers license is a requirement by the State to ensure that a person wishing to freely move about and on the roadways become identified and identifiable. In order to create regimented and orderly activities upon these roadways, the driver… 03 Jan 2008

Where Have All The Players Gone?

Game-play is a wondrous analogy of occurrence and demarcation in a universe built for change. All change occurs because that is it’s nature. Any idea that one may possess, perhaps even to fervently hold onto, will eventually morph into something… 03 Jan 2008

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