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The 'Power' of Force

Perhaps this is just prevalent in my universe but it seems so many people out and about in this world have great respect for the power of force. When it comes to egotistical arguments, of which there is about nothing else of, force seems to... 19 Apr 2020

In The Fields of Play

Sometimes the field must lie fallow in order to ensure, as well as can be expected, a more plentiful future crop. In this field there can sometimes be what is called 'voluntary' offsprings. It is what comes about from prior plantings or... 15 Aug 2013

In the Embrace of Man

The days of interlude have come and gone and in this termination we find that the undercurrent of withheld expression is coming to the fore with a force to be reckoned with. It is not a force of consequence nor regret but of a coming to terms... 06 Jan 2012

The Force Of Mind

Power lies in the ability to "do" things, to have things "get done". The more power one has the more that things will come to fruition the way one desires. We all control our destiny do we not, and in so controlling we bring to bear the power of... 02 Jan 2007

The Force Of Change

"You must BE the change you wish to see in the world." GandhiOvercoming the world with our own imagination is a wonderful feat, but reality and illusion part company when it comes to changing ourselves for the better. Change... 05 Sep 2000

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