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Pass the Automaticity

Excuse me, Sir. Would you mind passing that Automaticity? Working on automatic, how does one develop an understanding of life’s purposes and designs? In a word - impossible… 23 Nov 1998

The Story of Zenu

The story of OT III and the galactic overlord called Zenu is given a lot of attention on the Internet. Why is that? What is so special about one incident in the last 76 million years, that impresses people so. Below, you will find my thoughts on… 14 Nov 1998

The Beauty of the Sea

Welcome to FZA and the Free Zone. This page may give you a little insight into what the Free Zone is about. This may also be of particular interest to those who have recently left the ‘church’ and are not quite sure whatto do next… 14 Nov 1998

FZA: What is the Free Zone?

What exactly is the Free Zone? How did it come about and who is in charge of it? For many, the Free Zone is an idea of spiritual freedom. For others, it is an organized group of people that continueto practice Scientology, separate from the… 14 Nov 1998

What Is Garden Era Productions?

Garden Era Productions is a division of Church of Scienotology International that was formed to produce religious Spam on a consistent basis. It is located in Southern California on a 5000-acre property which contains Spam studios as well as… 16 Sep 1998

What Is Celebrity Centre?

Mr. SpamMan once wrote, “A culture is only as great as its Spammers and its Spammers must not relent.” A Spammer in a number of fields himself, Mr.SpamMan recognized that Spammers supply the spark of creativity and the vision of the future which… 16 Sep 1998

Winds of Change

The power of a spiritual being comes not in what they proclaim to be power, but in what form their actions take. Power is not something that is spoken. To speak with power is to convince others of your own nebulous power. If others believe, then… 20 Aug 1998

Interest Lies Where The Heart Is

Supposedly, the “OT” levels are where a being learns to become more “cause” over matter, energy, time and space. To put it more simply, the spiritual being gets to do whatever the hell they feel like doing. How does this concept work in reality?… 20 Aug 1998

Walking Among The Dead

Many firmly believe that the souls who walk the Earth exist only in a sleep state. Some dedicate their entire lives to defining precisely what this sleep state is and correlating their assumptions with everyday life. Examples abound, but what of… 20 Aug 1998

Eggshells and Banana Peels

As we tread thru life, we gingerly walk upon eggshells hoping that our footsteps do not disturb more than what we bargained for. What a pity. I’d rather slip on a banana peel than to be so afraid of my actions that I become introverted in life…. 20 Aug 1998

Power Terminals

Power Terminals exist outside of the universe and are designed to provide oneself with a sense of generated power sufficient to overcome the physical universe. Matter, as energy, generates a large amount of power and in relation to this a thetan… 20 Aug 1998

Merchants of Chaos

A definition from the Technical Dictionary: “MERCHANTS OF CHAOS, there are in our civilization some very disturbing elements. These disturbing elements are the Merchants of Chaos. They deal in confusion and upset. Their daily bread is made by… 17 Aug 1998

The FreeZone And Negative Beings

This is an excerpt from http://fza.org/funch/te1/te1-6.htm: There is a definition of negative/positive that has been used as a categorization of people. Particularly it has been used about alien extra-terrestrials involving themselves in… 14 Aug 1998

Black Dianetics: How The CoS Uses It

The Church of Scientology Technical Dictionary, defines “Black Dianetics” as: “BLACK DIANETICS, 1. hypnotism. (5109C17A) 2. unscrupulous groups and individuals have been practicing a form a Black Dianetics on their fellow man for centuries…. 10 Aug 1998

Question For The Day: Why Does OSA Hide Behind Anonymous E-Mail Addresses?

Why does OSA hide behind anonymous e-mail addresses? We all know that nothing happens in the CoS without official approval. Lately, there has been a flood of activity on ARS by “anonymous” sources, obviously in the pay of the CoS… 09 Aug 1998

Attn OSA: A Link From FZA.ORG To FREEZONE.ORG Has Been Found!

In a previous thread, OSA has been giving high priority to establishing the fact of a link between fza.org, here in the US, and freezone.org, located in Germany. The purpose of this post is to save us all some time and effort… 09 Aug 1998

Welcome To The Free Zone - Is It Fate?

This seems appropriate in the light of the discussion going on in the “Welcome to the Free Zone” thread. The whole idea of probable realities seems strange or esoteric because you are not used to following your own thought processes.You… 18 Jul 1998

Are You Afraid of Lions?

We bring you the following article to give you more of an understanding about the practice of Scientology outside of the only officially recognized organization in which this religion may be practiced - The Church of Scientology. _Religious… 13 Jul 1998

Gimme Some Cake!

Recently, FreeZone America celebrated it’s first birthday. So what’s the big deal?.. 03 Jul 1998

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