Pictures of the Beast

Unfortunately for show biz, there will be very little in the way of entertaining content here on this web site. Lovely pictures to induce one to imagine lovely thoughts and feelings will not be found here. Musical notes to send one to faraway galaxies to bask in the glorious feeling of being alive will also be non-existent. Fun and enticing content to draw in the visitor so as to seek and retain visitor traffic is also dismissed out of hand1.

Even though all that is found here can be considered in the light of entertainment there is a remarkable difference between show business and the urge to overcome oneself in the pursuit of what lies beyond. Where our attention is set, there it produces results.

There are plenty of shining beacons out in the spotlight dancing the latest and the greatest. If one wishes for such entertainment please close the door right now and leave this abode, there will be nothing of value or purpose to be found here as everything here goes against the grain. For a safe and comfortable existence, for an existence where the view of yourself is of utmost and invaluable importance, then you will be much better served to slide on right out the door to other more suitable environs.

For those who can embrace and actually take to heart their own sense of beingness then it will be found that life will shortly outlive it's usefulness and that is exactly the fine line where this web site takes stock.

Step on over to the wild side and never look anywhere else ever again.

Wouldn't that be a strange sense of being to be in? To never have to seek, to search, to look for some thing or another - to be firmly and completely rooted in one's self and never have to leave home again. What perfection!

So now that you know where it is that you will end up, go ahead and play the card. It really won't make any difference how you play it because we are what we are and nothing can change that no matter what.

Saying "Kill the Beast." is the same as stopping the doingness to which we have immersed our selves within. Why show pictures of it, it will only encourage the thing further.

  1. out of hand: immediately; without delay or deliberation. 

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