Watching for it's own purposes leads the blind into alleys of darkness that few survive. Many times, it is safer to take action than to observe, but observation does have it's merits.

It can lead one to realign existence based upon what has been observed in direct opposition to what one has done. Observation leads to a story book ending.

Determined action leads to the unknown and this is where great deeds are created and observed by others. Action creates a sense of well being within those who observe. Many times, it takes action to keep the natives happy.

For some, the curse of action is fraught with pitfalls and uncertainty. It can lead to consequences better left alone. It frightens those who barely can withstand their own fears, let alone those of an uncertain outside influence. Observation is the comfort that welcomes the nurturing souls.

Action is not a fear that must be overcome. Action sooner or later awaits us all. It also awakes us all. For some it just takes longer. For others, the fear of observation destroys worlds.

Solidity is being placed in one location for far too long. It's grasp is death itself but for those who can easily change locations death is but a subset of life and is looked upon as a welcoming sign of what is to come.

The double bladed axe cuts in both directions. As the wielder so should you. Follow the mastered tool and you become the master as you create the importances as you see fit.

Observation relies upon location. Holding steadfast to ideas allows one to observe. Holding steadfast allows one to resist a change in location. Holding steadfast creates the solidity of one's own delusions.

Action can exist in both positive and negative. It is far better to exercise either than it is to exercise the free will of observation alone, or action alone.

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