New Arrivals Are Always Welcome

The love, the life, the lean-to of regret, all rolled up in one giant confectionery delight. With the smacking of lips and the belch of satisfaction, arriving, there is found new delights, new wonders in which the candy man may embrace his skill and jest. Happily, the children play as Life weeps for the suffering.

Tearful goodbyes and cheerful hellos, mark the passage of time and victory. Gaining ground, the higher realms pass before the eyes of deceit, only to be revealed once again in sun and shadow. For a moment, just a brief instant, time stands still and allows the conviction of satisfaction to play upon it's fur and mane. There is a way of truth and a way of suffering. When suffering commences the future becomes assured and in the surprise at the end of the rainbow, the appearance of gold fills the lands as far as the imagination will allow.

Life captures and releases it's understanding of fate, fame and fortune and yet the depths of despair always seem to return to the now familiar haunts of old. Returning, releasing, regaining and receiving the future holds it's destiny at the fingertips of compassion and knowledge. Without one, the other takes form and pronouncements of birth are freely passed and acknowledged.

New arrivals are always welcome.

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