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It Takes Two To Tango

Breaking out of our shell takes a great deal more than just wish-full thinking. Since we are already immersed within our selves exterior thoughts and ideas become self-sacrificing in that the mind will not allow them to see the light of day. The... 15 Nov 2005

Mission To Mars

If you take a moment to look around, you may notice that some of the names and titles of various objects have some sort of familiar or easily accepted way about them. What I mean is that these names may seem quite comfortable with us and may... 13 Apr 2004

Keeping It Going

Mind based processing requires a lot of effort. That's nothing unusual for this sort of thing, but sometimes, an added effort is needed to overcome certain inherent limitations in the system. Processing without being face-to-face is certainly... 22 Dec 2001

The Basis For 'Messed Up Case'

You will see it no matter what type of clearing that is done. It happens in the Church of Scientology. It happened in the Free Zone. It happens with such-and-such and it even happens with so-and-so. The names of the auditor and the organization... 12 Jul 2001

In The Order Of Things

Games, debate, discussion, or whatever label is attached to a post requires that we demand a response. More correctly, it would require that a predetermined effect be expected as a result. Otherwise, there would be no communication. Most... 17 Mar 2000

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