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Holding On For Dear Life

Life, as we know it, is purposeful activity. It is productive, enriching and fulfilling on some deep down level. We gain experiences with which we share among others of like mind. We find that without Life to fulfill us, existence becomes... 13 Mar 2001

Are You Having A Good Day?

"Who Am I?" Ask the question and determine the response received. If the echo comes as "Me" or "I", then the response mechanism being employed is none other than the imagination of the mind. Stillness of a response indicates something else. That... 12 Feb 2001

So, Where Does It All Leave Us Today?

Striving for some imagined goal, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we scurry to and fro busying ourselves to avoid Ourselves. The mind captures our attention and holds it as if it's life depended upon it, which of course, it does. The Seeker seeks... 12 Feb 2001

Making The World In Our Own Image

News and views related to clearing technology can be found in a variety of sources, but it seems that the best source of all are the back alleys of the Internet. Of course, these 'back alleys' are not restricted to the Internet alone, but... 11 Feb 2001

Nothing Out Of Nothing

Definitive characteristics are displayed according to the type of mind employed. These various types each have their own unique make-up, purpose and style of results. One enduring quality common to all minds is the process of creation,... 29 Jan 2001


Mind games require us to play by very defined rules. These rules engage and capture our interest and before you know it, the immersion is denied whole-heartedly. The difference in knowing you are playing versus the idea that you ARE playing are... 12 Jan 2001

Getting Past The Intellectual Mind

(In response to event sychronicity:)"Rubert's state of mind was in correspondence with your own state of mind, even as you are in some kind of correspondence with your old environment, so in these cases you have a free flow of... 11 Oct 2000

Just Be YourSelf

All the religious theories and doctrines in the world could never replace the emptiness that is felt within. That emptiness can never be denied and in the same breath we seek fulfillment by whatever strikes our fancy. To be empty requires the... 02 Oct 2000

Be Brave, Be Yourself

From religious beliefs to our own individual thoughts, realization is constantly used as a reminder that our embodiment in physical form contains meaning only within the framework of spirituality and even then, the form seems of little import.... 24 Aug 2000

The Reality Of Imagination

What is imagination? For a definition just look around you. Your perception of imagination is borne of filtering 'reality' through the looking glass of the mind. One may see beauty in an object, another sees repelling emotions. The object... 24 Aug 2000

Time Is Of The Essence

Revivification seems to be a well paying and wildly popular form of entertainment. That is not to say that benefits are not derived, but the extent of those benefits are severely limited. Entertainment is like that and has little longevity. The... 21 Aug 2000

Mind Knowledge

According to a particular, in some circles popular, belief there are four factors which define activity: time, place, form and event. Precisely locating each aspect of the factors is supposed to relieve certain 'upsetting' events and the... 20 Jul 2000

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