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Re: A Personal Note From The Pilot

This is not "advice" nor "helpful ideas". It is only ramblings from a deranged outsider who cannot be what perception has brought. Most likely, it should be ignored.------- A thetan can outflow forever. It can do anything forever, and this... 13 Apr 2005

Stuck In Time (Forum)

Have you ever come upon a moment, thought, or experience and found that whatever you do, it just doesn't seem to "go away". Besides being called an "engram", "by-passed charge", or "mis-emotion", it all amounts to the same thing - being stuck. A... 13 Apr 2004

HK : Show and Tell

Particles = pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Maybe thats why there are so many damn pictures floating about. Observing these haphazardly strewn about, is it any wonder that "thetans" will begin "tuning" them out?... 01 Jun 2001

Seeing Beyond The ThunderDome

We come to a new place, seeking answers to questions that drive us mad. Within us, burns the desire to "know". Believing that knowing is the ultimate form of self-aggrandizement, we align ourselves with those who can impart their "wisdom",... 23 May 2000

Walking The Line Of Vengeance

As we walk the line of vengeance, we see ourselves reflected in the opposition with which we encumber ourselves with. Fighting amongst ourselves, the fight spills out into the streets of reality. Sooner or later one must reach the point of no... 20 Mar 2000

In The Order Of Things

Games, debate, discussion, or whatever label is attached to a post requires that we demand a response. More correctly, it would require that a predetermined effect be expected as a result. Otherwise, there would be no communication. Most... 17 Mar 2000

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