The Fox

I am the lost child of Illusion, the wondering hobo of Neglect and the bastard of Unknowing. There is no life within me except by my own hand of deception. The acropolis of destruction has come and gone leaving only happiness in it's wake. There is no oneness. There is nothing else. The separateness of existence if the falsity of hope. There is only One. Why have I been forsaken in my dreams of desire? I long for the glory and the pain and have succumbed to both much easier than imagined. What I am, I have become.

Twisting and turning in the night of ever lasting darkness, thoughts come and go in a flash of some new found inspiration only to be quenched in the embers of the Flame as they easily douse all within reach, never to be the same again and again. Alone with my thoughts, I ponder...

As the token of expressions take hold, intention arises and the movement upon the face of the waters stirs new life and behold, the majesty of the travesty arises from that very same Flame. Gazing, the fixation ingrains itself ever deeper leaving the void behind in it's travels of despair. The end is near cries the suffering voices in my head. The end has come, but where oh where have I misplaced it? Seeking, the fox leads the chase evermore.

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