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The Role of Scientology

As of late I am laying to rest a few perceived viewpoints regarding my own foray into the universe called Scientology. This is another. The religion and philosophy of Scientology is a true and correct religion and philosophy with... 11 Oct 2011


All material on this website builds upon a foundational structure which is called Spiritual Freedom. This is not a freedom in idea or thought, but a moving toward the actual reality in which our characteristics take form and shape. Hence you... 19 Dec 2005

Sleeping With The Enemy

The enemy is such a nefarious and dastardly fellow, especially when we are not looking. Doing gross deeds of misconduct during the night, we all seem to pay the consequences come morning. As much as we want to try to rid our selves of this... 02 Nov 2005

In A Neat And Tidy Package

Stuff. We seem to have an endless supply of it, ever consuming our attention, our thoughts and our energy. Everywhere we look we find it and many times, it seems to find us despite our best efforts to avoid it. Waking up to our spiritual nature... 06 Sep 2005

Putting The Pieces Together

There always seem to be a number of widely dispersed events occurring each and every day through out the world today. As we are indoctrinated to regurgitate what we are fed, these events come to be looked upon as something far out of our sphere... 15 Jul 2005

Better Dog Chow

The only thing that is confidential these days is the ways and means of our own destruction. Hiding in the shadows they will tell you that as you become more initiated you too will gain access to the utmost secrets of the universe. They do not... 19 Apr 2005

Ennobling Ourselves With Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual freedom is overrated. As a concept, it has little to do with reality and every thing to do with our own sense of so-called 'self purpose'. Our urge towards selfishness tends to precede common sense and during our years of strife and... 03 Aug 2004

The Scientological Illusion

Scientology can be used to enslave Man. It IS being used to enslave Man through various schemes, purposes and plans. Even though this enslavement is in direct opposition to the philosophy of Scientology, those who seek control over others will... 30 Jun 2004

He Said, She Said: And I Quote

Quoting text and texts can sometimes be beneficial in relation to some specific point being made, but overall it is not something that is much encouraged here. The reason for this is that there is a clear distinction between knowledge and... 29 Aug 2003

Taking It Personal

Persons and personalities are not of interest here at Free Zone America. It does not matter in the least whether L. Ron Hubbard smoked Kools or not, what clothes he wore or who he said what to. That goes for anyone in, on or around the subject... 18 Aug 2003

Enjoy The Show

During my years 'in' the 'freezone', I've seen a number of out-points and some I have myself, encouraged. I don't expect anyone in the 'freezone' to take what I am saying here as even close to reality, but that is not my concern. The... 06 May 2003

Pointing Fingers Tell Tales

THAT organization doesn't have the correct technology. THAT organization doesn't use standard scientology and is therefor a waste of time. THAT organization uses altered technology and produces an overt product. Pointing fingers tell tales and... 24 Aug 2001

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