Love Knows No Bounds

I like the Book of the Ages analogy. All that was, is and will be is written there. Needless to say that that library is huge with an seemingly endless supply of shelves, books and god knows what else. But not to worry. If you find yourself there one fine day you will surely encounter the librarian1. That being is not a singularity as the honor gets past around circle-like but never-the-less the position is a very helpful one - especially when you know what you are after. And that is the key.

If you know what you are about you will surely stumble upon what you need to know, at least at the moment. Maybe that's why I used to love libraries. I could spent forever wandering everywhere following attention and intent into a vast array of 'useless' information. But believe me, nothing is useless. That's just my play on words and the thought process which comes as part and parcel of the lot.

Right now I'm trying to think of what the name is a lot of people call the Book of the Ages but it escapes me. Maybe you know what it is called. After all you are in it.

Yeah, that's the ticket. You are in it.

But the question is, what exactly are you in.

I could look it up of course but sometimes I just get lazy. Real lazy as in please tell me so that I don't have to do the work I should.

I hope that all of that is not lost upon you.

So enjoy your walk down memory lane and then through the twists and turns of the path ahead when you start looking into the future2 know that you have found your rightful place in the universe.

Good thing that benches are provided for because you will need to sit down every now and then to digest what it all means.

That's where I come in.

But you would never know that.

  1. Hopefully you are following me here according to what is being presented here. 

  2. You know that place, it's where you begin to determine that your current state of affairs reflects upon the hell that just may visit you in order to balance out the equation. Oh and it doesn't really take looking into a future to have this come about. It's just an expression. 

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