Perfect Union

In order to form a more perfect union what are the means to do so? What tools are available to mortal man which will enable him to overcome his own failings, his own sense of self-importance in order to rise above all else so that the Great Maker can be more fully embraced? What is one to do to move beyond conception and into a realm of reality where good deeds become common as well as noteworthy?

The mind of Man is suffering, of that there can be no doubt and just in case there is all one need do is to sit quite a quiet spell in some quiet place and listen to the presence of the Great Maker. If all that one hears is the roar of one's own thoughts then the proof becomes self-evident. If all that one hears is the sound of the environment, then the same applies. If all that one hears is that which reaches the ears, then what more perfect bodily union can there be?

Where the spirit meets the flesh it is generally understood that the flesh becomes kind. Where those things of, for or by the body become supremely important then it is to that same degree that distance is created away from the Great Maker.

But what exactly is the Great Maker? Is it God? Is it the counterpoint to Satan, that evil dastardly foe we all love to hate? What exactly is this concept that we have of the great some thing.

That about wraps the totality of this concept up - a great some thing which lies beyond the borders of our minds and well beyond the understanding of physicality. Is it possible to know this great something? Is it possible to narrow it's focus of intent in order that we may comprehend it's nature according to our limited scope of understanding?

In comparison, Man comes up short, very short. The mind of Man, though fully embraced as being something marvelous and of great depth, is quite limited in relation to that which lies beyond it's well protected borders. In relation, we nurture the conviction that that which is greater is greater. From here to there time and space are created in order that we my move from one point to another. This is all fine and well but the Greater Maker does not move.

The Great Maker has no such limitation as time and space as these things are but creations of it's movement, it's stirring. We, as Man, are merely travelers in the stream of consciousness.

But what is consciousness?

The medium in which our own character, our own personalities survive or take root is called consciousness. It is the canvas where the painting of Man comes alive. As we act upon this stage of life and living we create experience and through the acquisition of knowledge we endeavor to grasp the totality of who we are. Of course it is an impossible feat but don't let that stop you.

As each brush stroke of death and birth are fully played out, we accumulate and in this accumulation we take comfort that we 'live', that we have meaning the depth and breath of which fully embrace. In this embrace which comes so easily we gather unto ourselves every last bit of experience - all those events in which the personality intertwines itself with in order to produce the desired effects.

As little Johnny in the school sandbox will exclaim, "I'm the president and you all have to do what I say!", experience unfolds. "This lifetime I shall be a doctor and get filthy rich!", "A pious monk will be to the benefit of all, so shall I be.", "I just want to be left alone, to pay my taxes, obey authority and do as I am told."

There is no ending to the cast of characters available in the costume room.

Eventually, especially once we begin to run out of characters and the combination thereof, we start to look beyond our own limited sphere of endowment, our own tiny thing call our universe, our reality - or to put it plainly, our sandbox.

After playing in our sandbox long enough we tend to look around for someone else's sandbox to mess with. And once we tire of that we begin to look beyond all sandboxes in their entirety. Inquisitively we begin to extend our attention from near to far. In this progression of attention we eventually take note of perplexities.

Who created the playground? Why did I decide to play in my sandbox to begin with? What am I doing here? What else is there?

Children learn as they grow up and once they begin to undertake the responsibility of adulthood, they begin to take on it's mantle. Does this mean that we are all children in the Great Maker's playground? Does this mean that there lies something beyond that which we have previously defined through barriers and delineations?

As children begin to leave the nest their universe crumbles and gives way. The only choice then becomes which route to take next? Do we create the conditions whereby another playground but with different characteristics comes to the fore for our enjoyment or do we take stock of where we are and contemplate adulthood?

In the greater Universe there lies something for everyone. No one will be denied their some thing along with the time and space in which to play it out.

This is all fine and dandy but let us get back to that thing called 'beyond'. Beyond our own immediate concerns, our own immediate thoughts, ideas and concepts, there lies that which we find existence. Upon this canvas we dance and sing our heritage. In this self-glorifying victory dance we can either take a moment to ask ourselves what the heck we are doing, or we can forget all that and just be the party animal that we really are.

We all have a choice to either go with God or to go with your own self. The Great Maker, in it's unending patience can wait forever for you to grow up but that doesn't mean that your free will allows you to be a party animal for all eternity. As any parent knows, nurturing a child is never a self rewarding undertaking. It's about doing what is right for that single special incarnated spiritual being.

But what is 'right'? Does 'right' mean that our free will makes everything that we do 'right'? If there is a 'right', is there a 'wrong' and if there is what does that mean - what are it's consequences?

It's strange to look at life and death as nothing but the merry-go-round of experience, of learning. Why would a spiritual being, embraced by the Great Maker need to 'learn' - to 'learn' what? The difference in 'learning' is the difference in degree of just how far away we have walked from the Great Maker. The further away, the greater the experience. Since experience is the teacher of Men what lies beyond the sandbox? Have there been others who have already travelled this course and are now in a different place or position from where they were similarily to ourselves?

Taking that first step beyond the playground is a momentous occasion in anyone's book, to anyone's standard. When a spiritual being wakes up there is not a power in existence which can touch it because this is what is meant to be. The Great Maker is aware of every leaf that falls, every being that sleeps, every thought that is broadcast, every movement that is made. All is known. Where there are no secrets, there you will find Him. Where there are lies, deception and brutality, there you will find Him - not in Man's actions of free will but in presence, just waiting to be grasped as the life-line to perfection.

For some, growing up is hard to do, but that their route to happiness, their choice of taking the road through trial and tribulation in order to reach the goal of maturity, of full responsibility. For others, growing up comes quite easy and naturally. In degrees one has the full range of choice in the expression of free will. From zero to totality, the Great Maker is far or near but the truth of the matter is that whatever choice one may think they have it all happens in the embrace of Love.

Through rose-colored glasses the Universe appears in a endless variety of sizes and shapes, of form and content. But that does not make it so.

What do you think?

Through the use and abuse of our thinking mechanism many can come up with an endless variety of seemingly logical and well thought out ideas and concepts. Is the Great Maker logical? Is the Great Maker also hampered by this thing we call the mind? Strange as it seems and despite the effort involved using thought to solve the problems of thought will just spin the wheels faster. Perhaps the solution is to disengage the computer, to turn off the tv. Can one find the Great Maker through the propagation of corporate entertainment or even through the antics of dancing puppets who sing and dance to a hidden tune before the public's eye? Can one find and touch the joy of eternal peace and harmony through exterior human devices and means?

Looking around the playground we sometimes covet another's sandbox. In this demonstration of selfish desire how further must we stride down the deep dark path of forget-fullness. To not know who you are opens the door for you to be molded into that which others require you to be. Let's face it, there are more than enough sheep running around already, why contribute! There are more than enough so-called 'shepherds' leading the sheep off cliffs of despair already, why contribute or even join in?

To know is to know what the right thing to do is. To not know is to be dazed and confused, ready for the seeds of destruction to be sown. To know is the demonstration of just how close one is to the Great Maker. To not know shows just how far the rabbit hole goes.

Playing in the sands of time, children tend to loose track of all sense.

But it looks like some are about ready to leave all that behind. Perhaps this could better be described as not being relegated to the book of memories but just being dropped all together. When one becomes unattached to things there freedom is established, there the Great Maker resides. One cannot be in the presence of the Almighty while at the same time holding onto to near and dear possessions - whatever shape or form those possessions take. Naked we are born, unencumbered we must become.

It's not a matter of making nothing matter, its more a matter of coming to terms with who or what one really is. We are not the clothes on our backs nor the movie star we see on the screen. We are what we are beyond all mere appearances, beyond all personality traits or characteristics, beyond even the thoughts we have of what we really are. We are what we are, neither the children of Men nor the wave of the future.

To stand as an island surrounded by nothing but the Great Maker who lives both within and without, to be unmoved by Man and yet fully active in totality called Him is to never have to find the meaning of life because there is nothing but.

There is nothing but the Great Maker of all and as His domain we can but aspire to acknowledge such. Not for the purpose of selfish gain and pleasure but to fully understand a reality of not our own making, of that which lies beyond the power of thought which we use but to conquerer.

But one cannot do all that whilst busy using the remote to see what's on tv, to see what's new in this universe called 'me'.

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