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Status Report : 26 March 2012

Recently I’ve come across a few things here and there on the Internet which pointed out to me that perhaps it is again time to publish another Status Report since a lot has happened since the last one a full two…

Status Report : March 2010

Originally this report was going to contain but one line but I decided to include some other relevant data for your entertainment, duly noted as Part I and Part II.

In The Still Of The Night II

When we become emboldened in self righteousness our egotistical well being becomes enormously enhanced. What glory! What power! What ridiculousness! Change is upon us.

In The Still Of The Night

Well, it’s time for another update report and it’s not, at this moment, looking merrily in the least. In the Darkness of Man’s existence the cancer of greed continues unabated and yet, simultaneously, the noticed yet unacknowledged sliver of…


This report entails various aspects of certain missions and undertakings. The “church”, by and large, is a product of those who have gone before. Presently, the dubious honor of Master of the Helm goes to Jonesy. Greetings and salutations to…

A Magic Carpet Ride

Well boys and girls, it’s time to shake loose the carpet and watch the dust particles fly. Take heart for all is not right in the state of union and therefore, because of it’s timely demise, the ends come to justify the means. Here we find what…

Complimentary Communique

It has been a long time coming. The choices have been made and the consequences rejected with nary a thought devoted to such childish actions as taking responsibility. The Earth, being the prison so very much enjoyed by the inmates, moves on in…

Babylon Rises From The Ashes

Are you watching it unfold? Unbelieveability abounds in this day and age of terroristic fear mongering. Creating a future for ourselves, will the pill go down as easily as we had once imagined or will that too be put off for another day. As we…

Electronic And Such, Warfare

Well, I see that a few ‘peeps’ are up in arms suddenly. I wonder what I could have possibly done to cause such an attention getter. Who, me?! Just to let a few natives know:

Crystalizing The Future

Picking up my crystal ball, I gaze into the cloud formation and see quite clearly that there is a storm coming. Is it THE storm, the final one which will bless and purify us or perhaps it is just another early warning alarm. We’ve heard plenty…

Status Report Spock!

Well, I’ve had an interesting go-around with someone who has e-mailed me privately. It’s interesting when someone has a problem spelling their ‘real’ name and uses the term ‘aka’ when signing their communication. I didn’t bother to venture into…

Where Are We Going, Dave?

From “What are you doing?” to “Where are you going?”, time has a way of flying us all along the path of no return. The answer to where we are going is simple, but in complexity is where the real mystery lies. Indeed, if it is not complex, surely…

MeZone Roundup

Let’s see: The “FreeZone” is decommissioned and the Loyal Officer who went native is still on the loose in Ron’s Org. Achtung!

Gathering Storm: Free Zone Update

“Oh the plans of Mice and Men…” Time is on our side. The funny thing about time is that it is on everyone’s side, but since we don’t play the waiting game, time is used to full benefit. Expanding or contracting time, our efforts somehow manage…

FZA.ORG: The State of Case, A Personal Report

As a few of you have noticed, the main page at has taken on a “new” look. I hope that you have been enjoying this change and have taken a moment to reflect upon the current state of clearing in all of it’s physical and/or “theta” facets….

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