Keeping The Dream Alive II

In the stealth of night we wait hoping against hope that we will prevail and upon the morning's rise of awareness we will see. Unencumbered and free from our own fancy footwork our sense and perception of the great unknown comes to the fore to deliver the death blow and upon the fading remnant of time and space our mark leaves no residue. Lightly we tread and lightly are the remaining embers from the fire of glory which can no longer be partaken of. We are such as we are - no more and no less.

Ever remaining what can there be left to said or to do. In the following of the Heat all roads lead to the Rome which can never be burned. In memory the past comes alive with our own convictions but there can be no recourse to such wild flights of fancy. Ever remaining bound to the push and pull of creation the only road out is to face the troll which lives under the bridge, the face of which reflects our own morbid lust and desire for that which does not exist in the first place.

In coming to terms with our own movement we find that there is no such thing. In reality there is no reality unless we create one for our own personal pleasure. In following one's Heart there is no other as separation is only an apparency or trick of the mirror. In playing the games of life and living we become and find ourselves living the dream. What shall we awake ourselves from? Can perpetuity rise to the occasion of ignorance or is it just another trick of our shadows upon the wall of the cave? Though it seems alive ad functioning we can only give credit where credit is due and in our satisfaction of dipping our toes into the waters of life and living we know such pretension can only serve to keep the dream alive.

In the quest of the delaying of turning out of the lights can we really look around and see that the players who have long since moved on can remain fixated and alive as long as we continue to feed our convictions?

Keeping the dream alive means that we have long since been declared dead.

What fun is there in that?

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