The Reality Of Imagination

What is imagination? For a definition just look around you. Your perception of imagination is borne of filtering 'reality' through the looking glass of the mind.

One may see beauty in an object, another sees repelling emotions. The object remains the same but is colored by your own emotions. Emotional livingness attempts to fulfill the desire we seek from lifetime to lifetime, but never yet has it satisfied the thirst we eternity endure.

Past track incidents come up where bodies are used abused and destroyed with little thought or concern, but today has anything changed? What has changed is that now that bodies are desirable, we believe that we are the bodies which we control.

This is such a sticking point that even when the body decays and dies, we feel that we are lost, or in 'limbo' without another. We seek another as quickly as possible to continue our 'enjoyment' with the body concept.

The trouble is that that enjoyment has been experienced to such an extreme that we find it difficult to consciously separate ourselves from it. No matter what we say we believe in, we are still the body and unable to distinguish it from who or what we really are. Mind based processing creates the idea that we are something other than the body, but it cannot break that bond. This type of processing is limited by its' very nature.

What is needed is something beyond the regimentation of logical thought processes and the figure-figure of trying to get out of the 'trap'. The trap of mind is as strong or as powerful as you make it.

This is why Scientology has never produced a single entity that can actually distinguish, and operate separately from, the body. The line between desire and the expression of that desire is not blurred or indistinct. It is very clear. What is confusing about all this is the method of madness that is being applied to overcome it all.

You cannot apply mind based methods to overcome the principals of the creation of that mind. You are the body, face it. Maybe then you will be able to actually face the horror of the idea of having 'no body'. Fighting yourself to get yourself in another condition is useless.

If you really need some baggage to carry along your experiential track how about taking along the idea that the trip you are on is leading you nowhere because you have never left and will never arrive.

But then again, the body does have it uses. :-)1

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