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The Free Zone Decree

Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council1.The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.2.No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the... 27 Sep 2002

The Golden Age of the Free Zone

Currents in time become definable only in relation to the passing of it. By itself, it has no meaning, but when motion begins to fill it's space, time has a way of becoming unmistakably solid. You can't get around it no matter what you do. Of... 27 Sep 2002

In The House Of The Fox

Along came a Spyder and sat down beside Her. Lacking awareness, we see our own thoughts and little else. Where can the knowledge come from which will rescue us from ourselves? Slowly, a dawning takes place from within. Beyond the thoughts,... 26 Sep 2002

The Blade

Space, the Final Frontier. Whether going forward or backward, the edges of space will never be found. Creating our way, the darkness dispells to reveal the path to our goal. In other words, it's never 'here' but always 'there'. Space, and it's... 25 Sep 2002

Jacks or Better

Sitting at the table, he looks around the bar. Yep, same crowd as always. Suddenly, the entry door slams open and in rush a band of men, well along in their drunken stupor. Slamming themselves up against the bar, one of them catches his eye and... 23 Sep 2002

The Truth About Freezoneamerica.org

It's true, Mike Hunsaker is the one who was responsible for maintaining the fza.org web site for a time. When that time was over he created the sibling site freezoneamerica.org. Fza.org spawned freezoneamerica.org. But there is more to the... 23 Sep 2002

The Seven Hands Of Justice

According to some, the Galactic Patrol, arbiter and sole discretionary arm of the Council in Sector Nine, has seen better days. It is believed that the organization is nothing but an empty shell of it's once glorious self. As proof of this, it... 23 Sep 2002

United Free Zone Alliance

Let's begin with the 'whois' domain registration information for freezone.org:Registrant:United Free Zone Alliance (FREEZONE2-DOM)P.O. Box 1215Haag i.Obb., Bavaria 83524Germany... 23 Sep 2002

Stylizing The Free Zone

The phrase "Free Zone" was first used as exactly that. It had a space between the two words. When I created the fza.org site in 1997, I removed the space between the words for both style and effect. 'Free Zone' became 'FreeZone', and I used that... 22 Sep 2002

Power In All The Wrong Places

The sounds of silence. What better way to capture knowledge than in the silence of one's own sphere. Creating peace, the ties that bind become clear.... 22 Sep 2002

The Killing of Koos

Koos Nolst Trenite is gone. I wonder why he was considered such a threat to those who wished to do him in? It's interesting how the turn of events reveal what is wished to remain hidden. Games are like that. With some 'players', the game... 22 Sep 2002

Document Library : Free Zone Sample

_The following is a sample of the type of data that can be extracted from the Document library. Over time, a clearer picture can be seen of some particular aspect of interest in contrast to the near sightedness of one particular event, current... 20 Sep 2002

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