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Vector Analysis Boards (VABs)

David Griffin first brought this subject to light and I don't think that many fully realize the importance of it. It's not important from the standpoint of 'figure-figuring' things out, and it's not important as an addition to a 'that's... 28 Aug 2008


Being honest with oneself, and others, is considered to be a positive characteristic which is greatly sought after by many, many individuals. Honesty is something desired both within ourselves and the others that are before us. We relish those... 31 Dec 2002

The Pilot's Christmas Message

I found Ken Ogger's (aka The Pilot) Christmas message over on Mike Hunsaker's site and thought that I would post it here. The reason that I am posting it here is that as many people already know, when Ken first began posting as The Pilot, his... 31 Dec 2002

Tape Name: Essence Of Auditing, Know To Mystery Scale

"Talk about human memory - phooey. I mean, there's no worry about this at all. The only reason a person cannot remember is because he is facing a computer that he expects to remember. He will know the computer is fixed when it remembers. You... 21 Dec 2002

Naked To The Eye

When you look at another, what is it that you see? Do you the petty problems of life and living or do you see the unfathomable spirit within, expressing itself in some small way? How we see those around us is a reflect of how we see ourselves.... 25 Nov 2002

Surmising Your Own True Nature

Keeping the score, the checks and balances of life weigh and outweigh the issues at hand. Coming up short, the strive for bodily existence becomes that much more firmly entrenched in the mind of hope. Hoping to live, we come to fully understand... 25 Nov 2002

Seeing The Way

Explaining the unexplainable can be a full time job. Not only that, but ultimately, that job always fails. Spiritual knowledge never comes from any other means than you yourself. When you are ready to see that knowledge, you will see it. When... 25 Nov 2002

What Are You Doing Tonight?

Speaking, we hear the call, but upon closer inspection we realize it is nothing but the echoes of our own thoughts, reverberating in our empty space. Appearances, as always, are as deceiving as we are. Within the empty space, we purchase all... 25 Nov 2002

Harmonic Interference

Physically, there are all sorts of ways and means of collecting information on or about an individual. From 'remote viewing' to placing high technology listening devices in close proximity to the individual, to satellite tracking, there are... 25 Nov 2002

Why Reach For The Stars

Reaching in spaces and places beyond the inquisitiveness of desire, the remains of a past life, long forgotten and lost through neglect, knowledge achieves it's own bitter end. Seeking knowledge, the hope of Man yearns forth in it's garb of... 23 Nov 2002

Free Zone: Sector News

Teegeeack seems to be having a bit of a rough time these recent days, but that is to be expected in the long range pursuit of freedom of choice. While in the theta universe, we already celebrate our victory, resting in the decisions that have... 23 Nov 2002


Trends are such an interesting area of study. Not only is this area generally overlooked, but many times, it is actually avoided. The reason for the avoidance of this area is that most individuals, over time, slowly narrow their focus of... 22 Nov 2002

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