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Edging Into The Abyss

In the deep dark shadows of our dreams we see the things that go bump in the night. Restless, we become that which we fear and as our mind plays out it's role we are horrified at the sight and so as we close our eyes to what is in front of... 09 Feb 2023

What's With All The 'Self' Interest?

Looking around, these days there seems to be a large amount of interest in 'self' words, like the following: self-educateself-rescueself-helpself-checkoutself-governanceself-directedself-determinedself-service... 01 Nov 2013

Finding A Safe Haven

In some circles the search for fame and glory come via the inclusion of the human sacrifice called the end times. While time resetting has been in vogue there appears to be a very different enticement being played out upon the hardened hearts... 18 Jan 2012

Step By Step

... 15 Jan 2010

Watching... Waiting...

Man is quite ineffectual at creating change. All through time and space Man's state of being has remained unchanged. In the absence of self-inspection one's outward expression takes root and expands it's form out into the universe for effect.... 26 Feb 2008

Journey Far And Wide

Stretching across the known and unknown universe, the journeying of the thing we call 'us' or 'I' is a long one indeed. Here, the mapping out of our 'fall' from Grace is described and foretold. From out of the center all things come to be,... 22 Jan 2007


The Self could be described as that which lights up, defines and gives life to the world we see through our physical and mental eyes. Where the Self is not, nothing is. Here the emphasis is placed upon the realization of the Self. It is our true... 12 Jul 2006

What Shall You Have Me Do?

Clearing the air, we gradually come to see. What it is that we see is individually experienced and remembered. Another yardstick comes to the rescue as we continue to build our future. The future is in the making, there is no time to lose, but... 10 Aug 2001

Walking The Line Of Vengeance

As we walk the line of vengeance, we see ourselves reflected in the opposition with which we encumber ourselves with. Fighting amongst ourselves, the fight spills out into the streets of reality. Sooner or later one must reach the point of no... 20 Mar 2000

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