Trampling The Evil Of Distress

Waiting and watching is not a sign of intent but rather of... indifference. Surprisingly hands off requires intervention, at least in this case. There are no avenues of escape so one must ask, what's the point?

This isn't about a sinking ship but something fore-shadowing such endeavors. The thread of Life and Living reveals much in it's simplicity and elaboration. But not all are watchers1.

The levels of 'play' are vast and run quite deep and it is noted that few are the players while most remain convinced. The sleep shall not arise2.

There are few who take the helm and fewer who submit to from whence it came. Is there really a 'god'3.

Trapped in time and languishing in experience we all come to 'be'. It's a recipe for disaster but who doesn't love a good tumultuous adventure. Gathering strength through our convictions we come to believe many, many things. So what4.

Behind the curtain there is no truth5.

  1. Yikes! Did I just say that!? 

  2. It's a maxim. Here, the word 'sleep' could be referred to as 'sleepers' but poignant as that may be the verbiage remains unchanged. Maybe 'sheep' should be interjected but this discussion is primarily moot. 

  3. What's with the quote marks? 

  4. This is where our own cheering squadron comes onto the field proclaiming victory. Who would not love such pomp and circumstance, especially so dedicated to the one and only? 

  5. Sorry, but this is the reality. 

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