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Falling From Grace

This is a conceptual roadmap plotting the Fall from Grace. The sense of awareness in itself creates and defines a separation from our selves, our own true nature. This is, of course, an untruth as we cannot be separate and apart from our... 06 Dec 2006

Is Thought Aware?

In order to know if thought is aware or not we must have an understanding of what thought actually is, not what someone tells us it is, but what our own understanding is. Based upon your own personal understanding, is thought aware?... 12 Apr 2005

Looking for a Place to Park

Into the Abyss we dive struggling long and hard for ever deeper waters in which to 'find' ourselves. After all, isn't that what life is all about? Isn't it all about struggling for the ever elusive game called 'happiness'? Strenuously we partake... 25 Jun 2004

Release Me

There was a time when thought was the commodity of life. Everyplace where one looked, it was to be found, and if not present in perception, then certainly created in imagination. A commodity is like that. If one doesn't have it, it gets created... 08 Jun 2001

Breaking The Bonds Of Identification

Searching, we attach ourselves to the things we see, identifying ourselves to the objects that magically come before us in representation of the things we hold most dear. Dropping the logical sequence of events, we yearn for meaning only to be... 04 Apr 2001

Thought Processes

Sacred Cow Forum: Reflections: Thought ProcessesBy Paul Misiunas on Sunday, December 26, 1999 - 06:35 pm: Thought progresses from one's own individuality and comes alive upon it's interpretation by those who seem to be currently in a... 26 Dec 1999

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