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Growing Up Can Be Hard To Do

No where can there be seen the image of oneself. We are not the things we perceive, at least this is the conceptual understanding we strive for. Wishing does make it so, and so we constantly wish that our dreams will become fulfilled and thereby... 13 Mar 2001

Space And The Continuity Of Events

Within space thought exists. Within that thought process, the mind creates the appearance of the continuity of existence. It pops up in the strangest of places. An earthquake rattles the natives in Peru, it hails in Nebraska, and a pc in Holland... 22 Aug 2000

Exercising Our Right of Existence

Lost in a world, where shadows rule, where does one find peace and tranquility? As the shadows move from place to place, shimmering in their noble earnestness, where is the light to draw back the curtain of fate? Seeing what the eyes behold, can... 07 Aug 2000

At The Pond... of Life

In the forest, there is said to exist a pond within which answers could be gazed upon and questions dissolved. It is said that the Gods were in good favor on that day of creation, when the pond was formed out of Eternity and came into existence.... 19 Jul 2000

Perceptual Beliefs

The essence of ourselves is the beliefs which we hold so dear. Coloring our universe, we see. What we see, we believe. To know of our existence is but another belief. As beliefs are lies, then what lies ahead for us? Lies and beliefs mean little... 05 Jun 2000

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